Protos Security Rebrand

Protos Security Announces Rebrand, Affirming Client Commitment

April 12, 2021

NORWALK, CT – Security Services Holdings, LLC (dba Protos Security), the leading tech-enabled security services company in North America, has completed a major rebrand to reflect the organization’s continued expansion as well as its service first culture. Protos has undergone rebranding before, but this marks the most significant shift since the company’s founding.

“The new logo and branding better represent Protos’ placement as a service first industry disrupter with technology at the core of everything we do,” said Nathaniel Shaw, Protos Security CEO. “The new branding also accentuates the evolution of our company as we’ve been experiencing a period of enhanced growth.”

Alyssa Wilson, Protos Security Vice President of Marketing added, “This rebranding includes a reimagined logo, redesigned website, detailed brand personality, new design elements and a fresh color palette. Each of these components will help to modernize our brand while also increasing our flexibility to integrate additional brands into our expanding portfolio.”

Other brands within the Protos Security portfolio will retain their existing logos with only a change to the color and font of the current “A Protos Company” lockup. Subsequent acquisitions are expected to have a similar logo treatment.

The new brand identity better represents Protos’ technology focus and expanding spectrum of security services which offer greater program customization to an increasingly diverse client base. Protos’ extensive history of innovation and commitment to superior customer service are more strongly positioned with this new identity.

About Protos Security

Protos Security, a portfolio company of Southfield Capital, is a technology-enabled security services company offering security guarding, monitoring and device solutions for a wide spectrum of customers across North America. Protos Security prides itself on delivering a high touch service, actionable insights, transparency and program flexibility for its clients. For more information on customized security solutions to protect your business, please visit

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Southfield Capital is a private equity firm that invests in exceptional, growing companies in the lower middle market outsourced business services sector. Southfield targets companies with $4-12 million in EBITDA and partners with owners and management teams that are enthusiastic about scaling their operations through a combination of organic and acquisition growth strategies. For more information on Southfield Capital, please visit

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