Remote Video Guarding

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Why Protos’ Remote Video Guarding?

Technology alone can’t replace the human dynamics of a security program, so we also handle monitoring the activity for you. With Protos, you receive state-of-the-art cloud-based video management technology and experienced remote video guards, all backed by excellent customer service from a dedicated team. Using Remote Video Guarding and Response, we mitigate risk by enhancing situational awareness and showing physical security presence.

By hiring personnel with security experience and training them through real-world monitoring scenarios, we ensure that only highly skilled individuals are entrusted with protecting our clients’ sites. As part of this training, remote guard team members are trained on the unique needs of each client they serve and provided with clear procedures for handling various incident scenarios. Typically, our reactions include notifying local law enforcement when necessary, alerting onsite security personnel as needed, and providing constant updates to client contacts who would like to be alerted in realtime.

Security monitoring center showing a security professional monitoring a large retailer parking lot

In remote guarding programs, incident notifications are sent to onsite guards, local law enforcement, and security management.

Remote video guarding incident report software
Reporting & Insights

From real-time email notifications to weekly or monthly recaps, we provide various levels of reporting, including video clips of incidents. Depending on your needs, we develop a reporting plan with you.

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Highly Advanced Software

Our best-in-class, cloud-based video surveillance software is built to work with any IP or Analog cameras. Its features include managing recording schedules, motion event logs, offline camera notifications, and a live view of cameras.

Remote video guarding with multiple displays on computer screen
Manage Multiple Locations

Using a single login, you can manage cameras across multiple sites. Access can be delegated with the ability to configure multiple viewers and access levels.

Cloud-Based Software

Integrated with all remote guarding services, Protos’ cloud-based video surveillance software provides 24/7 access to live and archived video from any device, ensuring that you will never miss an issue. In addition to intelligent motion tracking and event alerts, our managed video software offers offline camera notifications, secure managed servers, and easy-to-use interfaces.

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Integrated Security Solutions

A fully integrated, technology-powered security program will cover any incident by combining the physical presence of onsite security personnel with an additional layer of protection provided by video surveillance systems and remote guarding. Upon receiving security alerts from the remote security team, onsite security can take immediate action. Any camera footage can be immediately sent to the onsite security officers. Law enforcement can use video surveillance evidence to back up an onsite officer’s statements. To create a safe and secure environment, an effective security program uses both physical presence and technology.