Off-Duty Police Services

Law Enforcement Providing Armed Security

Protos provides off-duty police with the temperament and experience to effectively work in your locations. Officers can be in full uniform or in plainclothes and can be highly visible or stationed discreetly depending on your specifications. Our officers are trained to manage difficult situations and have powers of arrest. Their presence helps keep your people, facilities and events safe, legal and moving as scheduled.

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Officers Rapidly On-Site Anywhere In The US

With a database of 45,000+ officers, we can provide off-duty officers to a wide range of locations whether the position is short- or long-term.

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Active, Certified, and Trained Officers

All officers are skilled, certified and actively employed by local, county and state law enforcement agencies, trained to meet our standards and your specifications.

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Outsourcing Your Insurance Liability

Our robust liability coverage protects all of our off duty police officers in case of an onsite incident and protects you from liability.

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Off-Duty Police Officer Sign Up

Are you an active duty police officer interested in off-duty police work? Please fill out this form and someone will be in touch.

Off Duty Police Officer

What makes Protos Off-Duty Police Different?

When you have a need for off-duty police officers, you receive the peace of mind in knowing that you are getting the highest level of private security available. Protos provides only the best off-duty police officers for our customers and we ensure they are vetted, certified and trained to meet your business needs and your site’s specifications.

Additionally, our top-of-the-line technology platform allows us to staff our off-duty police officers at your locations as fast as possible to meet your needs day or night. We understand that security is ever-changing, so we become an extension of your team to help you as your needs shift. Our client portal and dispatch team are available 24/7 to ensure you receive the best service possible.