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Protos understands the importance of security and monitoring in the high tech industry. We all know that technology is constantly evolving and changing rapidly. Our security solutions protect data and intellectual property, so you don’t have to. As the leading provider of technology and data services, we help take on the responsibilities and concerns that businesses in the telecommunications industry face. That’s why our state-of-the-art software offers real-time insights and full data transparency into your security program.

From access control management to remote video monitoring, we offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of high tech organizations and data centers. In addition, our innovative client portal delivers improved transparency, accuracy, accountability and efficiency that other guard companies don’t offer. We also empower choice, as you can scale your security program and put yourself in control. Whether your program is long- or short-term, all Protos clients receive access to our client portal, a dedicated service agent, and our 24/7 security operations service center.

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Customer success team

Protos understands that there are many concerns the high tech industry faces. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide advice and monitor your facilities while preventing theft and minimizing risk.

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Safety Implementation

Many tech agencies have restrictions on technology such as cell phones and computers. We have experience in implementing and enforcing those policies, and can ensure your employees are educated on required protocols.

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Industry Regulations

We work with clients to ensure that necessary security measures are in place to reduce the risk of certain chemicals to prevent potential terrorism when needed. We can provide guidance for CTPAT regulations across a wide rage of industries for companies that honor these requirements.

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Remote Monitoring for Access Control

High tech companies face a higher degree of restrictions compared to most industries. Having tight access control parameters are vital to ensuring your facilities are protected. We offer comprehensive security solutions to keep your sites safe. Our remote video guarding services offer immediate activation of video surveillance and recording, access control and other advanced technologies.

Additionally, we can combine experienced remote video guards with our cloud-based video management technology to ensure your site’s are protected. Our 24/7 domestic remote guard security center is based in Atlanta, GA,  with a trained team that is constantly monitoring live cameras and motion events.

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Software Enabled Solutions

Protos realized that the security industry was not adopting modern standards and technology. We have been innovating and transforming the industry ever since. We were the first to offer a complete security management dashboard for managing a manned security program. Using any internet-connected device, our clients can view real-time information as well as a data archives for valuable long-term analysis.

And through Protos Labs, our technology division, we are continuing to develop industry leading software to increase operational oversight for our clients.

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Vendor Network

Our network of over 4,000 security vendors allows us to ensure your sites have the correct uniforms, trainings and certifications because we right-match their offerings to your requirements. The extensive Protos network covers a variety of needs from emergency and temporary posts to long-term permanent security contracts. The vendor network’s diverse expertise and flexibility allows us to select the right guard company for your needs. It also allows our teams to staff your posts up or down as your needs change.

And while Protos is not a Minority or Woman Owned Business, Protos’ vendor network is made of up of 52% Minority, Woman, Disabled or Veteran owners. We are able to place these companies at a particular location if that is a request by the client.

All Protos Clients Receive:

Client Portal Access

Our innovative, software-forward approach is truly our differentiation. From onboarding through ongoing support, security program health is monitored and measured using our proprietary data-rich software. All Protos clients are granted access to the Protos client portal, for as many users as needed. The platform is a guard force management tool that delivers improved transparency, accuracy, accountability and efficiency. It provides real-time data for greater visibility as well as historical data for identification of longer-term trends and analysis.

From ordering security services on your phone and ensuring your teams are currently onsite to tracking KPIs and downloading detailed reports, managing your security program is easy from one centralized location using the Protos client portal. Many customers also enjoy knowing that feedback provided on our software feeds the software development pipeline so future iterations of the client portal include enhancements driven by customer demand.

A Customer Success Team

Protos clients receive multiple layers of support. All clients are assigned a Service Agent as their single point of contact, and they are available for day-to-day matters as well as routine service assessments. National Account clients receive additional support through the Strategic Account Management (SAM) Program, ensuring we are scaling to meet your needs as your security program grows and changes. The SAM acts as a client advocate and offers strategic security program guidance.

These account team members are backed by our 24/7 dispatch and operations team, meaning assistance is always available. In addition to monitoring daily events, these teams assist with billing and invoicing, ensuring post fulfillment, new service requests, changes to existing assignments, communicating client portal updates and enhancements, and generally having the health of your security program in mind.

What our
high tech clients
are saying


A high-risk tech company was using multiple systems to protect their intellectual properties and security operations center monitoring to mitigate potential risks. Solution: Protos worked with the client to create a customized solution using our managed service provider model, the client is now able to view all of their data in one place. The client is saving time by viewing all of their data and reporting in one place.

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A Fortune 100 telecommunications company sought to have a more comprehensive view of its loss prevention and asset protection programs without having to merge reports from multiple systems. Solution: Protos created a data feed with multiple export options that would integrate with ThinkLP. The client is now able to export content in a way that helps them generate their own business intelligence solutions and data analytics.

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“Protos is the only securirty provider we have worked with that is able to keep our facilities secure and implement access control systems throughout our locations nationwide. They are professional, quick to respond and available 24/7.”

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