Security Device Services

Why Protos Security Devices?

Protos can augment a standard security approach through the use of security devices and technology. We provide solutions through partners including Titan Protection and Captivate, along with our in-house Remote Video Guard division to offer immediate activation of video surveillance and recording, access control and other advanced technologies. These solutions can be deployed individually, as a suite of products or in conjunction with a more comprehensive security program.

Captivate security devices
Featured Partner: Captivate

Captivate | SCAN helps to safeguard against health threats like COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. From detecting masks to dispensing hand sanitizer, this device is an all-in-one solution that is easily deployed.

Protos’ Remote Video Guard

Protos’ RVG division is a premier provider of comprehensive video surveillance solutions. Our range of services includes expert video surveillance systems design and installation, cutting-edge cloud-based video management software, and reliable remote video guarding services.

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Future Partnerships

Protos is always seeking additional strategic partnerships with leading device companies in order to provide greater flexibility for our clients. We expand our offerings to provide better service and encourage client feedback on what would be best to add next.

Devices for Your Security Program

At Protos, we know that each industry, location and client has unique security needs. That is why our offerings include a variety of solutions, many of which can be flexibly scaled up or down as needed. When you choose security devices through Protos, you receive a more agile program with the comfort of knowing that every device is thoroughly tested by our experts. With a single point of contact and a unified stream of incident reporting, only Protos can expertly combine autonomous camera technology and security guarding for a complete security solution.

No matter the size of your security program or your industry, security devices can extend the reach and effectiveness of security officers. Security devices are also popular for helping to reduce spend and recording video for investigation and/or insurance purposes. Whether your security program relies on security officers or the next generation of smart camera technology, Protos Security can customize a program to fit your needs.