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At Protos, we focus on building long-term partnerships with our vendors, based on trust and reliability.

Since 2006, Protos has been a technology leader focused on optimizing security management while ensuring service excellence. Protos provides our clients with security officers through a powerful national network of local, state and regional security services providers. This unique model combines vendors’ entrepreneurial spirit and local expertise, with access to our national accounts and tailored performance feedback. At Protos, our vendor network philosophy is simple: ensure positive outcomes for our clients by identifying and partnering with vendors who consistently perform at a high level, offering them assignments and opportunities for growth at no cost and with no obligation, while providing support and guidance along the way.

Why partner with Protos?

  • Tap into Protos’ established national client base at your local level
  • No client acquisition efforts are required on your side
  • Service clients you would not have access to otherwise
  • Protos controls all client interaction and manages all sales, legal and billing activity for you
  • You simply focus on delivering exceptional service
  • Less administrative burden allows for greater margins
  • Exposure to a diverse range of clients across different sectors of the security industry
  • Diversify your service offerings and appeal to a wider range of clients – either Protos’ or your own
  • Add new revenue streams or build a more predictable and recurring revenue base
  • We offer market rates that balance affordability with quality, within each client’s budget
  • Grow within your home state, or add new geographic areas
  • As Protos provides the work, you can expand without straining your existing infrastructure
  • Using your own uniforms increases your market presence and creates a strong brand identity
  • Attract work with your own new clients while partnering with Protos
  • Associating with a national security leader enhances your credibility and visibility within the industry
  • Streamline operations with access to cutting-edge timekeeping software, allowing for easy clock in/out through our mobile app or a call-in phone system
  • Electronic reporting allows guards to report incidents, log activities and communicate in real-time
  • Protos’ clear and detailed work orders and post orders set you up for success and ensure client satisfaction
  • Only accept assignments that work for your company, based on preferences, capability and availability
  • Choose from emergency, temporary or long-term assignments
  • If an assignment is not right for you, you don’t have to accept it. We prefer that you don’t overextend just to win work
  • Dedicated Vendor Relationship Managers help you identify performance and process improvements, so you can adapt to changing market demands
  • Protos’ Compliance team helps you stay current with licenses and insurance policies, reducing your regulatory risk and helping you avoid fines or suspensions
  • Access to a Vendor Handbook that helps you align with Protos’ business model, ensures effective communication and identifies ways to increase assignment volume
  • Exchanging insights, experiences and best practices keeps you ahead of industry trends, regulatory changes and improves your overall service delivery
  • Generous 30-day payment terms ensure steady cash flow, allowing for easier budgeting and financial planning
  • Optional shorter terms in exchange for a 3% invoice discount are available upon request

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Vendor Testimonials

Protos Security is a phenomenal organization. They are great to work with and have outstanding leadership in place. Any company or business looking to partner with a company that offers cutting-edge services, should not hesitate to contact Protos Security.

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Protos sets the standard in security. They are well organized with national dispatch and they respond to concerns immediately with their 24/7 dispatch. My company’s officers are only a phone call away from getting assistance.

Texas-based Security Provider Security Vendor Computer with Protos dashboard screen

We have worked with Protos for over a year and they are, hands down, our favorite to work with. They have great clients and always pay on time. Their dispatch team is always on point and we have never had a bad experience with Protos.

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