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The distribution and logistics industry has become a significant target for theft, workplace violence, property damage or vandalism and a host of other crimes. These crimes threaten profitability and increase costs to the consumer. Additionally, they put personnel, inventory, facilities and a company’s reputation at risk.

You can trust our network of security experts to keep your sites secure. Protos provides local, active, off-duty police officers that are familiar with the communities they serve. We also provide a range of guarding services through our network of high-quality vendors across the nation. Security programs can be customized specifically to your locations and needs. You’ll have the ability to scale your security program to distribution centers and site needs. Whether your program is long- or short-term, all Protos clients receive access to our client portal, a dedicated service agent and access to our 24/7 security operations service center.

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Safety and risk mitigation

We place customer and employee safety at the highest level of priority. Whether it’s making sure that proper safety protocols, such as ensuring eye wash stations and fire extinguishers are inspected as scheduled, or providing assistance with other facility management tasks, we’re here to help.

We work with clients to leverage resources that handle important roles such as safety-improving training and security contractor responsibilities. Additionally, we offer clients assistance in training-related matters such as first aid, CPR training, OSHA implications and more. Safety and risk mitigation are always top of mind when it comes to serving your facility. We not only work with our clients but partner with them to become safety ambassadors and compliance partners. We match officers’ experience and their agency’s culture to the unique protection needs of the situation they will be placed in. This means our officers come from agencies requiring courtesy and respect while interacting with the public.


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Software Enabled Solutions

Protos realized that the security industry was not adopting modern standards and technology. We have been innovating and transforming the industry ever since. We were the first to offer a complete security management dashboard for managing a manned security program. Using any internet-connected device, our clients can view real-time information as well as a data archives for valuable long-term analysis.

And through Protos Labs, our technology division, we are continuing to develop industry leading software to increase operational oversight for our clients.

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Supply chain protection

With over two decades of experience providing nationwide security coverage within the distribution industry, we specialize in offering customized solutions designed to keep your warehouses and supply chain protected.

Police officers on-site
Off-duty police capabilities

Protos is experienced in ensuring physical security and safety at distribution centers and warehouses. Having the presence of security personnel such as experienced off-duty police officers ensures the safety of your docks, warehouses and distribution centers.

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Access control and management

We work with our clients to add resources that are designed to reduce left, protect against loss prevention and mitigate security risks. We understand how important it is to protect your sites and we’re here to help.

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Vendor Network

Our network of over 4,000 security vendors allows us to ensure your sites have the correct uniforms, trainings and certifications because we right-match their offerings to your requirements. The extensive Protos network covers a variety of needs from emergency and temporary posts to long-term permanent security contracts. The vendor network’s diverse expertise and flexibility allows us to select the right guard company for your needs. It also allows our teams to staff your posts up or down as your needs change.

And while Protos is not a Minority or Woman Owned Business, 52% of Minority, Woman, Disabled or Veteran owners make up Protos’ vendor network. We are able to place these companies at a particular location if that is a request by the client.

All Protos Clients Receive:

Client Portal Access

Our innovative, software-forward approach is truly our differentiation. Our proprietary data-rich software monitors and measures security program health from onboarding through ongoing support. All Protos clients receive access to the Protos client portal, for as many users as needed. The platform is a guard force management tool that delivers improved transparency, accuracy, accountability and efficiency. It provides real-time data for greater visibility as well as historical data for identification of longer-term trends and analysis.

From ordering security services on your phone and ensuring your teams are currently onsite to tracking KPIs and downloading detailed reports, managing your security program is easy from one centralized location using the Protos client portal. Many customers also enjoy knowing that feedback provided on our software feeds the software development pipeline so future iterations of the client portal include enhancements driven by customer demand.

A Customer Success Team

Protos clients receive multiple layers of support. All clients are assigned a Service Agent as their single point of contact, and they are available for day-to-day matters as well as routine service assessments. National Account clients receive additional support through the Strategic Account Management (SAM) Program, ensuring we are scaling to meet your needs as your security program grows and changes. The SAM acts as a client advocate and offers strategic security program guidance.

Assistance is always available through our 24/7 dispatch and operations team. In addition to monitoring daily events, these teams assist with billing and invoicing, ensuring post fulfillment, new service requests, changes to existing assignments, communicating client portal updates and enhancements, and generally having the health of your security program in mind.

What our
distribution clients
are saying


A Fortune 100 logistics company sought to enhance surveillance at its largest distribution center to protect millions of dollars in assets. They were facing additional security requirements and wanted to leverage the latest video surveillance and deterrence solutions. Solution: By utilizing Protos’ remote video guarding services, the client can monitor both human and vehicle activity. The autonomous remote services solution resulted in lower operational expenses and security spending.

Fortune 100 Client Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services Aerial view of distribution center with semi-trucks

“Protos is the only guard company where I constantly receive compliments on the level of service they provide. Plus, the technology they bring to the table is unmatched. We have experienced a 5% savings because of time worked being properly billed and reported.”

Loss Prevention Manager Regional Logistics Company Exterior image of front of logistics company

A growing e-commerce company wanted to control property access and protect its warehouses. Solution: The client installed remote monitoring devices including cameras and sensors to monitor activity at their sites. By working with Protos and optimizing their security program, the client has experienced lower inventory shrinkage and theft.

Technology Services E-commerce Company Logistics camera security device

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