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How can you balance evolving security needs and budget pressures? Which technology solutions are worthwhile? Why is customer service an essential component of your security program? What are the best ways for your security program to do more, even with less team members?

The Protos blog offers answers to commonly asked security questions and the challenges today’s security professionals are facing.

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Protos Security Dispatcher at Operations Center Protos’ Advanced Security Operations Center Benefits for Clients
June 27, 2022 – Outstanding customer service and attention to detail are top priorities at Protos. We prove this by our “service first” mindset. Our managed service provider (MSP) model stands out from the competition because we are able to focus on a client’s unique wants and needs, along with other factors (ie. location, size) to create a custom security solution by presenting multiple security vendors with back up options.
Security services in a building atrium Top 5 Tips When Transitioning Security Providers
August 19, 2021 – Managing contract security services for your locations isn’t always easy, especially if the provider’s service doesn’t meet your standards. When the wrong provider is chosen, there comes a point where a lack of safety and professionalism within your security team negatively impacts both your operations and employees. Here are a few tips to avoid some common mistakes when the time comes to transition to a new security provider.
Laptop with data towers depicting Protos' API and other data integrations for your security program Data Integrations for Your Security Program
July 20, 2021 – As the world continues to modernize, industry experts predict that the future of security includes more interconnectivity between systems. Data integrations for security are expected to become less of a value-added benefit and more of a must-have. Protos continues to lead the security guarding industry by actively researching and building modernization options into our software and growing possible integration points for our clients as just one way we can further enhance the industry.