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Protos Labs is the technology division of the organization and the hub for Protos Security’s ongoing innovations. Our in-house development capabilities afford us the opportunity to provide industry leading software to increase operational oversight for our clients. Our service first culture is driven by field level feedback with a focus on continuous improvement. With one of the highest levels of security officer software utilization in the industry, our clients achieve operational efficiencies through data integrity.

Our customer experience excellence is directly related to the operational transparency we promote through the utilization of our software. Our commitment to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction is what drives our developers in Protos Labs. With the continual advancement of technology and an ongoing focus on process improvement, Protos is committed to offering a superior software platform for the management of your guard force.

As part of Protos’ ongoing commitment to technology and our established legacy as disrupters within the industry, Protos Labs provides a unique look into the future of Protos’ software and technology offerings as well as what the future holds for advancements and innovation in the security industry.

Protos Labs – Client Benefits

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Scalable Cloud Architecture

Protos has an in-house software division of developers and Tier 1 support which allows the team to focus solely on exceeding customer needs. Our solutions focus on software innovation and flexibility.

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Continuous Agile Development

Client feedback and ideas for improvement feed the development pipeline. Protos often releases early-stage enhancements since we’re able to be fast-to-market with new features while following a lean software methodology.

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Open API & Data Integrations

This industry-first client portal is flexible and can be customized to your system requirements. We integrate seamlessly with Service Channel, CAP Index, Oracle, SAP and ThinkLP as well as the in-house proprietary software of our clients.

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Unique Approach to Security

With a 100% adoption and participation rate from our vendors, we take pride in the ability to provide real-time insights into security program management. Our comprehensive data allows clients to stay ahead of industry trends.

Protos Vision Statement

The vision statement for our organization guides our work within Protos Labs. We strive…

To be the leading technology-driven security services company in North America, enhancing customer experience through innovative solutions. We empower customers through our proprietary software platforms which provide transparency and drive efficiency.

Protos Labs – Technology Offerings

Many security companies promote tools for technology, but Protos was the first in the industry to develop an operational software platform built for our clients’ benefit. Protos is also the first security company to offer additional technology solutions such as our workforce management software. The Protos Labs team is constantly releasing enhancements based on client feedback. Protos guard force management software will soon be market ready as an entirely new product offering to uphold our mission of disrupting the security industry once more.

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Protos Client Portal

The Protos client portal delivers improved transparency, accuracy, accountability and efficiency compared to other guard management software options. This solution is at the center of our service offering, empowering your security officer program with the ability to seamlessly integrate with software applications and strategic partners. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to meet a variety of customizable client needs.

When releasing product enhancements, the Protos Labs team focuses on ways to give our clients valuable time back in their day and the ability to prioritize other important initiatives knowing their security program management is providing them with insights and real-time updates. From ordering officers on your phone to ensuring officers are currently onsite to tracking KPIs and downloading detailed reports, managing your security program is easy from one centralized location.

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Workforce Management Software

Our clients have come to expect more from their security program through the Protos workforce management offering. This solution offers deeper insights into security programs by increasing security officer performance and ultimately helping to limit liability. With real-time incident reporting, actionable information is delivered to the right client team members within moments.

Although the use of time attendance software isn’t new to the security industry, billing from projected schedules rather than actual time worked wasn’t previously widely practiced. Like the Protos client portal, our portal creates transparency by collecting actual clock in/out times, documenting tardiness and highlighting trends. The quick turnaround of critical, actionable data greatly decreases response time from the field to the loss prevention team and builds value in the program with the security officer.

Our clients are empowered to track performance metrics of security vendors. Performance reports help the security vendor evaluate and correct issues related to repetitive tardiness, training issues or lack of officer interaction in the field. The software is hosted, maintained and supported by Protos, then backed by our Tier 1 support. It is truly a turnkey implementation involving no equipment, hardware or tech support requirements.

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Guard Force Management Software

Our latest innovative solution will provide security officer companies with an exclusive new way to utilize Protos’ software. Currently, only our network of vendors can utilize our software, but we will be opening this option up for other security companies to assist with the management and tracking of their own operations. The software is actively being utilized by our in-house divisions Mulligan Security and Off Duty Services.

Check back soon for more information on when this solution will officially launch! This SaaS (Security as a Service, as we like to call it) model is just one example of the market-first innovative technology advancements that the Protos Labs team has been working on.

The Future of Protos Labs

We’ll be expanding the content of Protos Labs over time and we look forward to sharing the latest updates as they become available. Our best ideas have been inspired by our clients and we’re always looking for the next way to provide better service or new tools to make managing your security program easier.

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