Security Monitoring Services

Remote Security Monitoring Services

Technology alone can’t replace the human dynamics of a security program, so we also handle monitoring the activity for you. With Protos, you receive state-of-the-art technology and experienced monitoring, all backed by excellent customer service from a dedicated team. Our video monitoring and response team mitigate risk by showing a physical security presence and enhancing situational awareness.

By hiring with an emphasis on security experience and training through real-world monitoring scenarios, we ensure that only highly skilled personnel are entrusted with the protection of our client sites. Taking this training a step further, each monitoring team member is trained on the unique needs of the client they serve and provided with clear procedures for how to react in various incident scenarios. These reactions are customized for each client but typically include contacting local law enforcement when needed, audio intervention scripts and client contacts if any individuals would like to be alerted in real-time.

Security monitoring center showing a security professional monitoring a large retailer parking lot
Incident Notification

Customer-specific monitoring programs are built around incident notifications and our pricing includes live voice intervention using an escalation script. We also coordinate with local law enforcement.

LiveView Technologies security device camera view showing analytics indicating suspicious activity
Reporting & Insights

There are various levels of reporting from real-time email notifications to weekly or monthly recaps; and we have the ability to include video clips of incidents. We work with you to determine the best reporting plan.

LiveView Technologies unit on a wavy background
Automated Audio Broadcasts

Commonly used applications of broadcasts include employee arrival and departure greetings as well as announcements on set cadences stating the parking lot is professionally monitored.

LiveView Technologies image showing both the device and LiveView Technologies logo
LiveView Partnership

Through our partnership with LiveView Technologies, we can provide autonomous security trailers to your locations. Our monitoring team has vast experience with the trailers.

Protos Security monitoring services showing two security monitoring personnel observing monitors

Security Monitoring When Needed

Protos security monitoring offers the simplicity of security devices delivered directly to your facilities with the assurance of well-trained security monitoring personnel guarding your site. Our monitoring partner LiveView Technologies has the capability to rapidly deploy its surveillance technology. Meanwhile, Protos’ in-house security monitoring division is ready to respond to incidents in real-time.

As our world evolves at a constantly increasing pace, consider adding more flexible services, such as remote security monitoring, to help keep your locations safe. This level of security coverage once required a large team of officers patrolling onsite 24/7. Today, technology enables customized security that is not only more comprehensive but also truly agile to scale up and down as your needs change.