When Protos Security was born almost a decade ago, we had an objective not just to be another guard company, but instead fundamentally change the way guard service is provided. As guard programs grow larger and larger, it becomes increasingly more difficult to manage them and understand what is occurring on the ground. Security guard service is often the single largest line item in the LP manager’s budget and the one that has the least transparency and data feedback. Some might say it is an informational abyss.

In 2006 the security guard management industry was ripe for disruption and technological breakthrough. The image above represents how guard management has been done for at least a generation. A paper trail of invoices from dozens of guard vendors, each billed off the projections of work with little accountability or verification the work was actually done. Buried inside may be small bits of information that could prove valuable if only they weren’t lost in an ever-growing stack of paper.

Protos fundamentally changes the nature of guard service by being focused on the needs of the client first.

  1. All timekeeping would be an automated process, verified by geolocating the phones used by the officers to call in. This process would be 100% transparent to the client.
  2. Protos will supply the necessary tools for timekeeping to standardize the process nationwide.
  3. “No Punch, No Pay!”  Protos will bill for time only from the actual time worked, not projections.
  4. Protos provides automated schedule reminders for emergency and temporary work so that any adjustments/cancellations can be made.
  5. Protos Security provides billing on one simple accurate invoice, eliminating the frustration and headaches.