Captivate | SCAN

Interested in increasing safety with security devices from Captivate?

Continue to operate (or re-open) safely with automated temperature checks and mask detection from Captivate | SCAN. This security device can help to safeguard your locations against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Captivate’s security device services through Protos can be deployed individually or in conjunction with a more comprehensive security program, including any combination of security guarding, security monitoring and/or other security devices.

Protos Security is a dealer for Captivate | SCAN which offers a unique approach to help safeguard against health threats:

Captivate SCAN device showing face mask and temperature checks as well as hand sanitizer dispensers

Socially Distant Health Screening

SCAN offers a “no touch” antibacterial display that can safely screen employees, guests and other visitors while eliminating the need for contact with others. Its wellness check features include a body temperature scanner, facial mask detection and hand sanitizer dispenser. When needed, it can direct the visitor to see security officers for further instruction.

Captivate SCAN security device on a pedestal checking for masks and detecting temperatures of visitors in a lobby

Variety of Uses & No Hassle Set-up

This security device is perfect for office buildings, residential properties, retail, sporting arenas, medical offices and many other industries. With wall mount and pedestal options, it is portable and easy to set up in a variety of locations. It can also easily connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet options.

Captivate SCAN security device mounted to a wall

Features & Customizable Content

The device’s large 21.5” display makes it easy to interact with and to view a variety of information. Engaging on-screen cues aid in the health screenings and security check-ins. Also, SCAN’s ScreenCenter communication portal allows for sharing customized information and updates with visitors.

Captivate SCAN device camera view checking temperatures

Secure & Safe

SCAN detects body temperature and can identify if an individual is wearing a mask. Only anonymized information is gathered and stored, ensuring that no personal data is at risk.

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