Several years ago there began a new trend in inventory logistics. Small satellite GPS receiver/transmitters began popping up on trucks all across America. They reported a truck’s location, when they had made their deliveries, and alerts when they were off schedule. It was easy to see the value of this technology, the efficiency that came with it and the benefit to the bottom line. Now, no major retailer would be able to operate without it. Protos is a very similar service, but with security guards instead. You can easily see where guards are verified on-duty, where guards are scheduled, and where they have failed to clock-in. Never before have LP managers had the ability to know real-time what is happening real-time nationally. Protos provides this information automatically and without filtering of any kind, leading to better informed decisions.

The Protos Time-Keeping Process:

  • All guards clock in by using a toll-free telephone number. Location is verified  by one of two methods.
    • The guard uses the store phone and the caller ID information is cross-referenced against a predefined list of GPS coordinates.
    • The guard can call into our system using a cell phone. The system then generates a text message response to that number. The guard replies to that text message and GPS information and cell tower triangulation can verify the location to approximately 50 ft.
  • This automation dramatically increases accountability for the guard and guard vendor. No Punch, No Pay! 
  • Starting at 15 minutes late, the guard vendor office and Protos begin getting alerts that the guard has failed to clock in and we begin to work the problem together to get it resolved.
  • Every client gets to establish a customized set of protocols that dictate how information about clock-in alerts will be handled. Emails and text messages will be generated and sent to predefined people at predefined intervals until the problem is resolved.


The graphic below is an example of how the information flow can be configured for your company.

Protos Information Flow