Security Robots

from Protos & Robotic Assistance Devices

Interested in modernizing your security program with robots?

RAD’s robot solutions offer immediate activation of video surveillance and recording, access control and other advanced technologies. These robot solutions can be deployed individually, as a suite of products or in conjunction with a more comprehensive security program.

Protos Security is a dealer for the entire suite of RAD’s security robot products, including:



Self-contained security and communication solution



Wall-mounted unit that seamlessly integrates with all other RAD devices and provides edge to edge 180° field of vision



Patrols on surfaces including uneven/cracked asphalt/concrete, crushed rock up to 10″ in diameter, grass, dirt and snow



Provides a comprehensive access control package that’s ideal for corporate campuses, parking structures, exterior areas and lobbies



Standalone remote, portable, self-sufficient intelligence observation tower designed to instantly expand an organization’s security reach

“RAD is delighted to now call Protos a dealer,” said Steve Reinharz, President and CEO of RAD. “It’s exhilarating when you consider the wide range of opportunities that Protos and RAD can now deliver to end-users. Protos has built a modern approach to providing security services that is well aligned with RAD’s innovative hardware and software solutions.”

For more information on RAD’s security robots and other customized security solutions, contact us: