Protos security, the leader in nationwide security guard management, is today announcing the next evolution of our guard management technology, the Protos Web Portal.

In 2013 we were the first in the industry to bring a new level of information to guard management with our Client Portal app for Apple iOS devices. At the start of 2014 we introduced the same great features to the Android platform. Now we are announcing broad support for almost any computer or device with an internet browser.

The Protos Web Portal will match all the great features of the smartphone app and will be the location for future upgrades and new features. Protos clients will want to make note of a few important points about this change. To help you during this transition we have a short Q&A to answer your questions.

Q: Make this easy to understand… What exactly does this mean?

We have created a website with the same great features as the app. You can login at

Q: I like using the Protos Client Portal App on my smartphone, is it going away?

The Client Portal app isn’t going away just yet. For some time it will continue to function as it does today, but new features will only be added to the web portal.

Q: Will I have to use it as a webpage?

The web portal is a webpage, but it looks and functions like a native app when viewed on a smartphone. It is a simple procedure to navigate to the app and then add the icon to your home screen, wherever you like. After that, will look and feel very similar to our current app.

Q: What other devices are supported?

With the change to a web app almost any device with a web browser is supported. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones and devices other than Apple and Android.

Q: Why is this change happening?

Great technology is at the heart of the service that we provide. And we want to continue to innovate the security industry. Supporting an ever-growing number of devices and screen types is an ongoing challenge. Transitioning to a website will standardize the experience and reduce the development resources.
In addition, the functions that apps provide is determined by the developer tools and guidelines that we, as developers, must abide by. We have new features on the horizon that will be difficult to implement within the available framework of apps.

Q: What are some of these new features?

There are several ideas in development, and we will let you know when they get closer to release. However, we can say that it is our goal to make your data even more accessible and provide tools to easily build custom reports allowing you to make the best decisions possible.