A Modern and Data-Rich Approach

Protos at GSX:
An Interview with Peter Platten

How Protos Security is Providing a Modern and Data-Rich Approach
to an Age-Old Industry

September 14, 2022

Protos Security recently attended the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2022 Conference in Atlanta. GSX is a premier event for the security industry and is hosted by ASIS International, the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals.

While we were there, Peter Platten, our Chief Revenue Officer, had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Chuck Harold, host of Security Guy Tv. Peter provides insights into how Protos offers modern technology and a data-rich approach to the security industry.

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Protos Security at GSX 2022, Atlanta from Security Guy TV on Vimeo.

A summary of their interview is below. Read on to get the inside scoop.

Harold: What does Protos Security do?

Platten: We are the largest tech-enabled security company in the nation. We handle security guarding, off-duty law enforcement, remote guarding and all security services that corporate environments require. We were founded in 2006 and are accelerating very quickly!

Harold: Should all security companies be integrated with technology, especially with everything the Internet of Things has to offer today?

Platten: Yes, they should be, but most are not. With tech enablement, many of us (security industry professionals) work to drive adoption and utilization. In our organization, because we’re a managed service provider, we don’t have direct guards working for us. All of our subcontractors must use our technology in order to get paid, which is why we are able to drive the business analytics that we do for our customers.

Harold: We all know that you can be upside down very quickly if you’re not using technology in the right way. Are you finding your customers’ learning curve to new and advanced technology to be improving?

Platten: Yes, absolutely. People are becoming much more confident and understanding of business analytics. Business intelligence is necessary for us to be able to empower security teams, buyers and users. We do everything we can to maximize their ROI using our software. The adoption curve has accelerated with them and our software. We’ve seen the utilization increase significantly.

Harold: Can you explain what a managed service provider means and how that works?

Platten: It’s a way to maximize the subcontractor network. Many of our competitors run a just-in-time inventory system. This means that when they take on a job, they have to find and recruit officers, security personnel, etc. But with our model, we have a pool of vetted personnel across the nation, so we’re able to tap into those resources immediately when needed.

Our fulfillment rates and our speed to post are much higher than our competitors. Our competitors also often have high turnover rates which makes it hard for them to find time to train their employees on the technology and utilization of their system. We have very high adoption rates, making the integrity of our business analytics and data consistency far greater than our competitors.

Harold: How does your multilayer hiring process work and how do you vet your providers?

Platten: Each one of our subcontractors is highly vetted through an extensive qualification process. We don’t just accept anybody, that’s for sure. Our classification process identifies areas of expertise, attributes of what they specialize in and where their strengths are. Then we work to deploy those assets for new jobs and for current customers.

We encourage our customers and vendors to grow, and we’ve enjoyed seeing them here at GSX. These owner-operators are doing such a fantastic job building their businesses and we want to empower them to expand. Because of our ability to secure national contacts, we provide an opportunity for these localized vendors to be in the mix for work they may not have had otherwise. Our vendors help us serve our customers with the strength and attention of a locally owned and operated security company, backed by a nationwide presence.