Modern Security Trends

Protos Security at GSX:
An Inside Interview with Dan Arnold

Breaking Down Modern Security Trends with Protos

September 12, 2023

Protos Security recently attended the Global Security Exchange (GSX) 2023 Conference in Dallas, TX. GSX is a premier event for the security industry and is hosted by ASIS International, the world’s largest membership organization for security management professionals.

On the show floor, Dan Arnold, our Senior Vice President of National Operations, had the opportunity to participate in an interview with Ben Thomas, host of MarketScale. Dan provided insights into modern security trends within the industry and discussed how Protos can help enhance physical security programs.

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Protos Security at GSX 2023, Dallas with Ben Thomas of MarketScale.

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Thomas: Why should companies consider outsourcing their security program?

Arnold: I think you have to consider what you’re wanting out of your security program, and that comes with quality and supply challenges. Today, providers and security departments take on so much of a lift which can distract their teams from being great at what they do. Their focus is to provide strong and innovative security programs, so a big reason companies look to outsource is because you get a partner to help take away a lot of the employment challenges and can really focus on building a top-notch program. Outsourcing allows you to find experts who can improve your program with talented personnel to execute for you.

Thomas: How can remote services be beneficial to a security program?

Arnold: Remote security is an exciting yet sometimes scary opportunity. Having an officer on-site gives companies a sense of safety. We’re getting to a point where we’re not always sure if we’ll receive the same response with remote security versus an officer being on-site. But we’ve come so far with camera systems, analytics and software. Combining that with a great response connected to local law enforcement or a mobile response presence allows you to minimize costs while still driving an effective and efficient security program.

Thomas: What are some future industry trends that come to mind?

Arnold: We’re in a unique space where a security leader is coming from a generation that has grown up with technology, changing the way we deliver. We’re being innovative and are always looking for ways to enhance personnel to drive efficient systems while reducing costs. The enhanced law enforcement personnel on-site are really the wave of the future – it’s exciting times.