Captivate Partnership

April 12, 2021

Protos Security recently established a new security device partnership with Captivate. This partnership will further strengthen Protos’ current security device offering and empower clients with further customization options for their security programs.

Protos will be a dealer for Captivate’s SCAN device which offers a variety of safety and security features, including a body temperature scanner, face mask detection and a touch-less hand sanitizer dispenser. These security devices also offer a variety of other valuable features, such as providing alerts and the ability to design customized messages.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Protos team has been doing everything possible to ensure health of our people, from security officers to clients’ employees and visitors. Captivate’s devices will offer one more option for our clients to increase safety by reducing non-essential human contact. It will also help elevate the role of security officers because they can then focus on other important tasks, instead of doing manual temperature checks.

Captivate SCAN device camera view checking temperatures

Just One of Many Safety & Security Options

Every client has unique security requirements so Protos offers a variety of security devices for safety and security. This partnership is one of many that helps to empower clients to make the best choice for their organization and individualized security program.

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