Interested in modernizing your program with LiveView Technologies’ security devices?

LiveView Technologies (LVT) provides rapidly deployable surveillance security devices, backed by Protos’ experienced security monitoring team. devices are fully adaptable and ready to secure anywhere from busy parking lots to remote construction sites. The units can be placed anywhere since they do not require power, wires or internet. Plus, Protos’ security monitoring team has years of experience with monitoring LVT’s devices, ensuring that you have reliable security coverage when and where you need it.

LVT’s security device services through Protos can be deployed individually or in conjunction with a more comprehensive security program, including any combination of security guardingsecurity monitoring and/or other security devices.

Protos Security has been a long-term partner for dealing and monitoring LVT’s security devices. Client benefits include:

Liveview Security Camera head unit

Surveillance Hardware

LVT’s hardware is customizable to include a variety of cameras, mounting options and sensors. Popular LVT surveillance hardware options include thermal sensors, strobe/flashing lights and license plate reading.

Monitoring Liveview Security

Video Monitoring System

All LVT’s cameras and sensors are managed through a secure cloud-based system and are accessible from anywhere. A secure login provides the ability to configure your system as well as check on activity at your site. LVT can also be programmed with audio broadcasts to provide customized arrival/departure greetings for employees and/or routine announcements that the parking lot is professionally monitored as a deterrent.

Liveview security device

Quick & Seamless Set-up

LVT devices supply their own power and internet so there is no reliance on external wires or cables. These fully functional security device trailers stand on their own so they can be deployed anywhere and set up in 30 minutes or less. This empowers clients to have truly flexible security that can be rearranged and scaled up/down when needed.

Protos Security Dispatch Center showing dispatch employees on phones and computers

Security Monitoring Expertise

The Protos security monitoring team is ready to respond to alerts generated by the LVT units in real-time, ensuring that your site is covered. Incident response this fast used to require a team of security officers but can now be done more efficiently from our security monitoring center in Virginia.

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LiveView Technologies security device camera view showing analytics indicating suspicious activity

Incident Notification & Summaries

Protos’ security monitoring team sends real-time email notifications to stakeholders anytime there is “high priority” incident. The email contains a link to a 10-second video clip of the incident, as well as notes from the Protos dispatch team. In addition, Weekly Incident Recap reports offer a summary of all activity during the week. The Protos security monitoring team only sends out incident reports on actionable events, thus eliminating noise.

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