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6 Ways the Protos MSP Model Helps Your Business

As the only true software-enabled managed security service provider in the industry, Protos continues to innovate and differentiate itself. Our unique model stands out from the competition as it allows us to focus on the fulfillment of clients’ needs and expectations, along with other supporting factors such as timely speed to being on post in emergency situations, right fitting the security provider to the needs of the specific site and being able to customize a security program with options such as uniforms and training.

Protos’ clients know and trust that the security services being provided were tailored for the needs of their sites. We work with our clients to create a custom security solution by presenting multiple security vendors with backup options. With over two decades of experience providing security excellence using our MSP model, you can place your trust in us.

1. A fully customizable security program

Every aspect of your security program is fully customizable with Protos. Our MSP model offers complete flexibility tailored to meet your needs – from uniform types to training and certifications. We offer a wide range of services, including security officers, off-duty law enforcement officers and remote video guarding. We can quickly staff your posts while meeting your site’s specific needs, allowing you to scale up or down as needed.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your security program. Protos views all client engagements as a partnership opportunity in which we first listen to the need. There is a reason security is in place at your sites or locations, and Protos prides itself on helping to make recommendations to further enhance the security experience. For example, have you considered an integrated approach where remote guarding is used at night and security officers during the day? Do you struggle to get off-duty law enforcement officers on site when it matters most, and could you leverage armed security officers in addition or instead? These are just two of the countless examples where Protos has helped clients pivot on critical business needs.

2. Committed and engaged vendor partners across North America

Protos is the fourth largest provider of security guarding and off-duty law enforcement services in North America with a deep pool of officers available to clients. The strength of our vendor network is unmatched, with vetted, committed partners located across the nation. We only employ top-notch companies and have very high standards when it comes to service standards. The Protos team of experts specializes in cultivating customized and specific solutions to exceed your expectations.

Each of our vendors are assigned a Vendor Relations Manager as a single point of contact, and new vendors are sourced by a Vendor Development Manager. In the last six months, Protos had active work orders with 2,300+ security vendors which represent over 2,800 local offices. The security MSP uses an owner-operator model which allows us, through our vendor network, to have boots on the ground with wide coverage across every type of geography. These small business owners truly have a vested interest in the success of your company.

According to Nielsen’s 2022-2023 rankings, there are 210 Designated Market Areas (DMAs) in the U.S. When averaged out, that represents roughly ten vendors in each major market, with some of the largest metropolitan areas having over 40 vendors. This means that Protos has the most “branch offices” and the largest depth of officer resources of any security company in the country.

3. Software providing transparent insights and data

Protos’ clients, vendors and employees each interface with a unique dashboard built for their needs – but interconnected to share valuable data points across our enterprise software suite.

A no-cost, value-added tool available to all clients is our robust client portal, offering full transparency into the entire security program. The client portal provides workforce management software delivering improved transparency, accuracy, accountability and efficiency. Some of the features include the ability to order officers from the portal and receive notifications when they are onsite, track KPIs and access detailed reports all in one place. The powerful portal allows clients to achieve their reporting goals, sending customized reports showing officer incidents, attendance, problem areas and more. Clients use the portal to their advantage to correct problems immediately and keep their program on track.

The vendor portal offers ongoing technology advancements to our service providers, including access to insights and scorecards that provide KPIs measuring performance. The data points are based on what the security officers on site are reporting, offering exclusive real-time data. Vendors are scored by set KPIs and we’re always identifying key areas for resource expansion. Pricing is being regularly updated to reflect ever-changing market conditions. Our portal also maintains officer-level information ensuring contract compliance and vendor agreements are being followed.

The backend of our software is critical for our dispatch and service teams as it allows them to complete essential tasks and better serve clients. Employees can generate digital work orders which get assigned in our system and set the expectation for officers’ arrival time and work schedule. In the event of a temporary or emergency request, tools within our system will find available vendors within a certain radius. The platform also records data history to help ensure client success. When officers have an issue in the field, our dispatch support center is there to assist and record the situation which is then tied to a budget line item in the client portal. These records provide valuable historical information allowing for better communication between our dispatch team and the client.

4. A client success team – and a single point of contact

Protos’ client delivery model offers a single point of contact for easy and fast customer support. During the client’s onboarding process, they are assigned to a dedicated Senior Service Agent (SSA). The SSA becomes an extension of our client’s team, offering support on daily matters and service assessments. Enterprise clients across all industries receive additional support through our Strategic Account Management (SAM) Program. This multi-tiered support structure ensures we can scale to meet client needs as their security program grows.

The Protos account team members get to know and understand the security programs they service on an intimate level – almost acting as an extension of the team. Many clients appreciate that they can make educated recommendations with a tuned-in perspective. This guarantees that you receive reliable care and have someone to lean on with questions or issues at all hours of the day. The SSA and SAM account management combination is an extremely valuable resources that most security providers do not offer – especially not as high-touch.

Clients are also backed by our dispatch and operations team, who are available 24/7. In addition to monitoring daily events, these teams assist with billing and invoicing, ensuring post fulfillment, new service requests, changes to existing assignments, communicating client portal updates and enhancements, and generally having the health of your security program in mind.

5. Program consistency and cost savings

We offer clients the ability to manage and maintain program consistency across all their site locations. This is done through program compliance, uniform offerings, security training and technology options. When it comes to uniforms, clients can select the type of uniform that best fits their needs, including customized patrol vehicles and uniform accessories. Uniforms can be tailored based on the client’s site requirements, such as location, environment and preferences. To learn more about our uniform offerings, please download our uniform guide here.

To further ensure that our officer performance is consistent, we have an aggressive management presence in person at our field locations. They monitor and observe officer performance on a daily basis to ensure officers are on-site working the hours they are supposed to be working to hold them accountable while still maintaining a high quality of service.

Lastly, by using a managed services provider, clients experience cost savings. Clients are able to better leverage their time and resources in other areas instead of spending more to hire in-house employees.

6. Software-forward organization with innovative technology 

As a technology-enabled security company, the foundation of Protos is based on our software platform. We are the first security management company that provides uniformity through our platform. We place technology and innovation at the center of everything we do, giving full transparency into your security program. The data gathered by Protos’ software is provided to both clients and vendors, saving clients time and money. Specifically, our platforms are based on the billing and attendance of officers, not just the schedule they’re supposed to be working. This helps ensure accurate billing and staying within budget,

Protos Labs is the technology division within our organization and is the main hub for our ongoing innovations. Our in-house experts work to provide industry-leading software to increase operational oversight. We are continually optimizing our technology suite to better serve our clients and ensure that they’re always staying ahead of the competition.

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There are many benefits that our customers receive through our unique MSP business model, including access to specialized services, the ability to focus on business goals and overall experiencing true added value. Our industry-leading, client-centric approach places your needs at the top of our priority list. We have a service-first approach when it comes to both our clients and vendors, and our 97% client retention rate proves the success our clients have working with us.

If you would like to learn more about our service offerings or how we can help you improve your security program, get in touch with our service specialists.