Financial Security

How Protos’ MSP Model Improves Bank Security

Anyone in the banking industry knows just how essential security services are. With such large sums of money being handled daily, banks and other financial institutions are highly susceptible to crimes such as robbery and vandalism.

While security monitoring and other devices help to provide evidence during the aftermath, they may not be effective at stopping crime before it happens. This is where security guarding and off-duty police services become imperative. Below are the various ways Protos’ armed and unarmed officers help safeguard banks, their employees and their customers.

Deters Threats

The presence of a security officer or off-duty police officer in a bank, whether they are standing post or greeting customers as they walk in, wards off crime. If a suspect sees that there is an officer guarding the premise in uniform, they know that it is adequately protected and that their attempt would be useless.

Gives Peace of Mind to Employees & Customers

Not only does the presence of security reduce robbery attempts, but it also makes all employees, managers and customers feel safer. Some bank visitors may be depositing or withdrawing large amounts of money, and knowing that they are being watched by professional security personnel will likely make them repeat customers at your bank. Customer service is also a critical component of a bank lobby, and having a security officer or off-duty police officer onsite presents a friendly, helpful and welcoming addition to the location.

Offers Mobile Patrol

Protos can send security officers to patrol the parking lot in marked security vehicles. Sometimes, criminals wait in the parking lot for people that withdrew money to follow them back to their homes. Security officers and off-duty police are trained to look for those sitting in their cars in the parking lot for suspicious amounts of time. If an owner has multiple locations in close proximity, we can provide a guarding solution to roam around each.

Responds to Emergency Response

Protos can also send a range of security guarding solutions immediately when a threat or crime does occur. They will wait at the scene until further help shows up, such as the police. Protos offers armed or unarmed security officers for bank managers’ peace of mind as well as off-duty police options. We will provide service as long as needed – for example, it may take days for tampered ATMs to get fixed, weeks for a sprinkler system to be replaced or months for an onsite construction project to be completed. Our security solutions are available at the posts 24/7 in any of these situations and more – we customize the right solution for your needs.

“Typically, bank managers would have to search the internet and research for companies, call them, and meet with numerous security companies and multiple police agencies to schedule security for their locations, but Protos is a one-stop-shop: we take care of everything for you so you can focus on your business.”

–  Aaron Ault, National Sales Director

Traditional Reporting vs. Our Proprietary Software

Protos’ client portal software gives our customers the instant reporting and insights they never had before. Before, an incident – such as the lights in the parking lot turning off – would be written out and sent to a general email box with a slow response time. Our technology allows officers to take pictures of the scene and instantly upload them to the platform so managers can see in real-time.

Even better, the client portal is entirely centralized for easy access, which means just one system contains the bank’s information, written incident reports and photos, and police recordings. It also contains various KPIs and tracks when each officer clocks in and the exact time the last one leaves.

Why Protos’ MSP Model Is Better Than the Competition

Providing high-quality, highly-customized service to each and every client is at the forefront of Protos’ values. Every customer gets assigned a service agent that is dedicated to learning their business’s security concerns and finding a security vendor provider that is well-versed in solving them. Our MSP model offers more than 4,000 well-vetted security service vendors, which allows us to choose one based on specific client and post requirements.

Our service experts monitor the KPIs of the security officers assigned to active posts and work to improve their timeliness and attendance while lowering the number of incidents that occur on-site each week.

In addition, customers have access to a dispatch team, which is available 24/7, 365 days a year in case of an emergency or if a change in post order scheduling occurs. They are trained to follow up every 15 minutes until a security vendor has been identified and provides as much detail as possible throughout the waiting time. Protos is proud of its 90-minute average speed-to-post response time.

In summary, we know just how important security measures are, especially in banks. We offer armed and unarmed guards, marked patrol vehicles, and professional concierge officers – all either in dress uniform or tactical uniform depending on your individual needs. In addition, Protos offers monitoring with state-of-the-art technology and off-duty police trained to manage difficult situations.

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