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What is the Protos Service First Culture?

By Peter Platten, Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategic Accounts

At Protos, delivering the best possible service is central to everything we do. “Service first” is not a tagline, product offering or vaguely articulated goal. It is a true culture, ingrained into all aspects of our organization from operations and client relations to software development. Our software provides the business intelligence needed for a well-informed security program. Taking this service focus a step further, our technology pipeline and operational changes are driven by feedback from clients.

Protos was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way to serve clients within the security industry. Working closely with our first client, a Fortune 500 company, the Protos team directed its focus at client pain points that the rest of the industry had previously ignored. Coffee-stained paper post orders, slowly processed paper timesheets, and a lack of valuable data being gathered from security officers left clear opportunities for improvement. Protos’ transformations resulted in not only a more modern and technology-driven take on the security industry but also an overall enhanced customer experience.

Protos’ approach as a managed services provider goes beyond just “getting the job done.” With more than 4,000 well-vetted vendors to choose from, we are committed to matching the best fit for each client location. Our vendors are typically small to regional service providers founded by former police or military and support our service first culture by enabling us to have a surplus of security officers. These entrepreneurs thrive by their business succeeding and they have vast experience and leadership across the spectrum of security. Like Protos, they have a vested interest in making sure clients are not only happy but are being heard and understood. Protos also benefits clients directly by overseeing the management of their entire programs, confirming that vendors are properly fulfilling client needs, validating client spend and offering overall greater program flexibility. All of these vendors are managed by Protos’ client portal platform, offering a single point of contact and a seamless client experience.

It’s Developing Service-Oriented Technology.

As a differentiated security services provider, Protos enhances the customer experience by placing our service first culture and technology-enabled solutions at the forefront of our offerings. Across all industries, we know that our clients rely on consistent security service solutions that meet the unique needs of their company, its culture and their specific sites.

We are committed to delivering the best security officer services in the industry, but also meeting your exact scope of needs, which may include technology solutions or other security devices, products and services. Unlike other security providers, our technology is not something we upsell; it’s the operational ecosystem that drives our service offering. Our technology empowers clients to make data-driven decisions about their security program and we’re constantly evolving our software to further improve our service and product offerings.

It’s Empowering our Clients.

The largest organizations in the security industry compete almost entirely on price but it routinely leads to inferior or inconsistent service. At Protos, we focus on helping clients cut costs in a more strategic way that maintains quality service but can also offer long-term cost reduction. To accomplish this, we offer the best executable price through efficiency and value adds. The comprehensive data that Protos makes available to every client about their security performance offers the insights needed for proactive data-driven decisions. Beyond just gathering data, Protos is committed to helping clients to access, visualize and understand the data they have always had about their security program’s health.

One popular use of this data is tracking trends over time to identify low risk locations to reallocate the spend where it will have a bigger impact, such as adding security monitoring at a high-risk location. Plus, we’re always seeking new and innovative ways to help our clients’ security program performance by gathering new or untapped data points, building out easy-to-use dashboards, shedding light on low- and high-level trends and providing greater oversight with the results.

It’s Ensuring Consistent Security Service.

To uphold our service first culture, Protos has several measures in place to simplify our clients’ jobs and check on satisfaction levels. Each client is assigned a Service Agent as their main point of contact for day-to-day matters and as our clients’ programs grow, we add additional support through a Strategic Account Manager (SAM) to function as a client advocate and security program guidance. These account team members are also backed by our 24/7 dispatch and operations team meaning assistance is always available.

Reporting on security program performance is an important function for our teams and helps to ensure we’re upholding our service first culture. Weekly scorecards, quarterly business reviews and annual business reviews are provided to ensure regular quality checks. This allows us to highlight patterns we’re seeing in our clients’ security programs and provides us the opportunity to send proactive feedback. In addition, Protos employs Quality Assurance Specialists to perform location checks every 14 days to ensure proper service is being provided. The results of these are then passed onto our vendor partners and Service Agent for discussion and any necessary follow up.

Our software also ensures accountability because a 100% adoption rate makes vendor performance and other program metrics entirely visible to clients. Our Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports show officer performance at the local level, revealing metrics for incident count, tardiness and early clock-outs. Filtered by date range and location with a customizable tardy threshold, KPI reports quickly reveal the true officer performance for informed decision-making. Our system also provides more accountability for security officers. At the end of each week, we provide our security vendors with the punch data to ensure they bill correctly, and their KPI data based on per location attendance, tardiness and incident reporting. This empowers them to correct issues as they arise, ultimately providing clients with higher service levels.

It’s Client-Centric Security Coverage.

Protos provides security officer services at the national level with the backing of our vendor network locally. In contrast with some of the larger companies in our industry, we have the flexibility to seek out additional security vendors to establish local support significantly faster than others can. We’re not fixated on every security officer having our patch on their shoulder or every vehicle having our logo on it – simply on delivering the best service.

To ensure consistently high-quality service, Protos launched its Strategic Account Management Program to include executive sponsorship. For clients, this means that the feedback loop reaches the highest level of our organization so client’s ideas are truly heard at all levels. When looking for ways to improve our proprietary technology, we gather feedback from clients to build the next round of revisions and development. Overall, our program goals also include providing scalable solutions, so it is easy to add services and locations as clients need them.

It’s Being Committed to Innovative Security Service.

Protos actively works to achieve a higher standard of excellence in our industry by providing truly unique service for each client and consistently working toward offering even better options than the traditional guarding program. Through the points discussed above, our team strives to deliver our clients with the best service backed by technological innovations that work to resolve the specific pain points of teams managing security programs of all sizes. This innovative mindset is engrained into everything we do from how we release new products and services, to how we creatively staff every site we provide service at.

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Peter Platten Headshot, Protos Security, Team Protos

Peter is the Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategic Accounts for Protos. Throughout his career, he has established a proven track record within enterprise sales, leadership and the security industry. Peter’s expertise includes optimizing processes throughout the sales journey as well as implementing innovative client retention programs. As a leader, he has developed and led highly successful sales teams while consistently exceeding targets. Peter holds degrees in finance and computer science from Ferris State University.

Peter Platten

Senior Vice President of Sales & Strategic Accounts