Protos vs. the Competition

Why Your Security Partner Should be Innovative, Agile and Proactive

How does Protos stack up against the competition? We have disrupted the security industry with a unique approach to security through a managed service provider model and our proprietary technology developed by our in-house software team.

image showing idea of network

Security Staffing Excellence

Protos takes the time to screen vendors and has grown a network of over 4,000 partners across the nation since 2006. This uniquely positions us to have nationwide reach with the customer experience and hands-on approach of a locally owned company. Our customers are not just a number in a huge sea but are an extension of the Protos team.

While larger security companies are limited to the security officer pool within a particular branch, Protos is not. Our vendor network allows us to offer multiple back-up options and we believe that a hands-on, local management approach is key to a successful program. Often times, larger providers aren’t able to provide direct support locally as their closest office could be hundreds of miles away.

Protos Security Client Portal phone screen views shown as layers

Customer-Centric Technology

Simply put, the technology and customer dashboards offered by Protos are superior to any in the industry. When the technology that drives our client portal, integrations and reporting is layered with a proactive approach to service, our customer experience levels are second to none. Additionally, there is no cost differential with our model, making our hybrid operating model more seamless and performance driven to the benefit of our customers.

Larger security companies are layered with policy, bureaucracy and overhead, limiting their ability to be proactive and meet out-of-the-box customer requests. Protos understands the importance of being agile so we’re ready to serve in ever-changing environments.

Graphic displaying a network of connectivity across the United States to show Protos' nationwide security reach

National Coverage, Local Service

When you partner with Protos, you are hiring a locally owned and operated business passionate about security. Typically, our vendors are small to regional service providers founded by former police or military. As entrepreneurs, they live and thrive by their business succeeding and they have vast experience and leadership across the spectrum of security. Like Protos, they have a vested interest in making sure clients are not only happy but are being heard and understood.

Many of the larger security companies have purchased companies and then cut key leadership positions, and also guard wages are decreased to recoup the investment. Customer service suffers throughout all the stages of their growth strategies.

View of United States from space to depict Protos Security's nationwide coverage

Trusted Partner Providing Transparency

When Protos was founded, the bigger security companies had little interest in utilizing technology to better their offerings. It was, at the time, industry standard to not provide full transparency to their clients and to resist change.

From day one, Protos has strived to elevate the role a security partner can play in better security program management. Technology remains at the heart of how Protos goes to market as insights into real-time data and analytics are important to our customers, and we’re as transparent as possible. Additionally, data and feedback reporting are part of the security service you receive from Protos – it’s not something additional. As larger security companies start to play in this space, it’s common to see additional costs for their technology add-ons.


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