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Kris Vece, Vice President of Strategic Account Management

Protos is dedicated to supporting and encouraging ourKris Vece headshot photo employees to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to offer our employees ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure they are the best they can be. Whether it’s someone’s first week or ten-year anniversary, we do everything we can to help our employees succeed.

Kris Vece is just one example of the many inspiring success stories within our organization.

Kris has worked within Protos companies since 2004, starting as a Client Relations Manager with over twelve years of experience in the security industry. She has earned three internal promotions since then and currently oversees client relations through the lens of Vice President of Strategic Account Management.

Before joining Protos, Kris got her start in the security industry by working in accounting for a few years. She decided that she wanted to move into a role that was client-facing. After meeting the co-founders of Protos, Chris and Patrick, at a trade show and learning of an open role that might be a good fit, she had the opportunity to interview for a Client Relations Manager role at Protos which would involve working hands-on with customers.

“I wanted to solve our client’s problems and build relationships with them because I truly care. I have a passion for finding solutions and helping people.”

Kris Vece

Vice President of Strategic Account Management

Her personality and experience in the security industry led to the start of her career with Protos, but she was the real driver of her rapid growth. Her work ethic and dedication to excellence have served her well, leading to her first promotion within Protos.

Kris was promoted to Vice President of Client Relations in 2017. In that position, she was responsible for creating an excellent client experience when leading interactions between internal and external customers.

It’s safe to say that Kris did exceed expectations consistently so it’s no surprise that she was promoted a third time when Protos launched the Strategic Accounts Department a couple of years later. Kris was asked to lead the department as the Vice President of Strategic Account Management, which is her current role.

“I really enjoyed having the opportunity to expand our new department. One of my strengths is identifying areas of growth within clients and their businesses. I was able to build relationships with our clients and show them the value that Protos brings to the table. But my favorite part about my journey with Protos has been the people. My proudest achievement so far has been my team – I’m very proud of everyone and how they’ve grown within their roles.”

Kris Vece

Vice President of Strategic Account Management

To say she has experienced tremendous growth throughout her career is an understatement. Her knowledge and experience in the security industry make her a valuable asset to serve both Protos and their customers.

Kris is one example of an employee who has experienced tremendous growth during her time with Protos. Stay tuned as we continue sharing stories about the success of our employees over the next few months.

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