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There are currently more than 4,000 vendors in our strategic network across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. If you own or manage a security company, apply now to join our growing vendor network.

We recommend that you complete this application from a computer as the form has several parts. At the end, we will ask you to upload a:

  • W-9 (or Canadian W8-BEN) – Example
  • Security license (if required by your state) – Example
  • Insurance information listing Protos Security as additional insured (preferred) or as a Certificate Holder with the information below on your general liability policy – Example
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Company Information
If your company has multiple DBAs, list all and separate with commas.
List multiple cities and/or regions or entire state
Example: Retail, Hospitals, Manufacturing, Offices, etc.

Company Contact Information

Please Note:
At the end of this form, we will ask for 3 documents, a valid W-9, certificates of insurance, and state license information.
Please have them ready for upload.

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