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6 Best Practices for Ensuring a Safe and Efficient Security Program

As our world continues to evolve, businesses everywhere face new and increased security risks such as targeted crimes and break-ins. How can the security industry play a part in creating a safer environment for communities across the county in our current ecosystem? Protos believes it is a responsible business practice for security providers to step up to the plate of today’s challenges. The groundwork laid today will have a major impact on the future and on the businesses that the security industry serves.

Having an integrated and comprehensive security program is necessary in today’s age. And more importantly, working with a security company that has professional expertise and experienced personnel who possess the knowledge and skills to provide effective solutions.

The security industry needs to be more flexible than ever, scaling up and down as client needs change in different ways across vertical markets. With over two decades of first-hand knowledge, our experts share advice on ensuring a safe and efficient security program so that our industry can be better prepared to face future challenges.

Six best practices to consider as you evaluate your security program:

1. On Time & Healthy Security Officers

Security officers need to continue to show up on time, however arriving healthy is of utmost importance. Taking the time to train security officers regarding proper hygiene, PPE and social distancing is an important step in keeping clients – as well as their customers, employees and visitors – healthy.

2. Sufficient Staffing

Your security provider needs to be able to efficiently staff enough security officers to meet evolving needs – whether those needs are due to civil unrest, larger crowds during the holidays or any other potential challenges. Having sufficient staffing of on-site officers is important in order to maintain the safety and security of your facility and can help address potential threats in a timely manner.

3. Quick Response

As many companies have a remote working environment, be sure that your security company’s dispatch and customer service center is operating at full capacity. Otherwise, your security officer order might be delayed or not filled due to a lack of dispatch workers to process requests.

4. Embrace Technology

As our world continues to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace, yesterday’s technology won’t keep us as secure as it used to. Consider adding more flexible services such as remote video guarding which can keep locations safe without officers physically onsite 24/7. Security devices with smart camera analytics can alert security monitoring professionals to potential threats which can then be confirmed and handled in real-time. Services like this allow for customized security that is truly agile and can be scaled up or down as your needs change.

5. Enforcement of Rules and Protocols

Today more than ever, each security officer is an integral part of your team, helping not only to deter theft or disturbances but also to enforce proper policies and practices within your organization. Your security provider should be able to adequately train officers on procedures and work with you to ensure you’re up to date on evolving guidelines. To effectively enforce security protocols, officers need to have a thorough understanding of your security policies.

6. Comprehensive Coverage

Make sure your security provider is truly an extension of your team and does not have a one-size-fits-all approach. They should reflect and implement your policies and procedures – and be willing to adjust them as your needs and operations change. Look for a true partner that has policies, systems and multiple offerings in place to help you balance your time, cost, staffing and new security challenges.

In Conclusion…

Working with a security company can provide a wide range of benefits to help improve the security of your business during ever-changing times. Despite these challenges, we’re in this together and the security industry has stepped up to help in new and unexpected ways. As long as we keep working to balance the good with the bad, we’ll be stronger and better prepared for future challenges.

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