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Our Story

Protos Security was founded in 2006 by Chris Copenhaver and Patrick Henderson, two visionary entrepreneurs who had a shared goal of bringing efficiency and technology to sluggish industries. Their combined leadership and dream of streamlining security officer programs resulted in our real-time, all-in-one portal for accountability and visibility. For the first few years, Chris and Patrick worked to build a solid foundation and create a service deployment success program. The first office space officially opened in 2008 in Cloverdale, VA. This allowed Protos to gain operational efficiency and launch its proprietary software, collecting the first officer timekeeping punches. In 2012, we officially exceeded 10 clients and 1,700 vendors.

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As a company, we worked to expand our capabilities, introducing a Client Portal app available for iPhone users, making data externally available. At this time, we started working with two additional Fortune 1000 retailers while exceeding 30 clients and 10 full-time employees. In 2014, we moved to a new office space located in Daleville, VA. The following year, our growth continued as we expanded contracts with international clients in Canada and Puerto Rico. We also released the Client Portal as the industry’s first software providing security program transparency in 2015.

In 2019, Protos underwent significant change when it was acquired by private equity firm Southfield Capital. This partnership infused the company with the resources needed to embark on a strong growth phase. Over the next couple of years, Security Resources, Mulligan Security, Off-Duty Services, ControlByNet, Blue Star Security, Squad Security and MG Security joined our Protos family of brands. During these transitions, we have expanded into new markets and formed new departments, ensuring that we are well-equipped to meet the needs of our customers. In 2020, our security officer mobile web app launched as we established headquarters in Norwalk, CT. Protos Labs, our in-house software team, was also formed. The additional resources have allowed us to become a premier software-enabled security services company offering guarding services, off-duty law enforcement services and remote services to customers across North America. 

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Throughout our history, Protos has remained committed to the founding principles of innovation and software excellence that laid the foundation for our company. Now, we are proud to be the number one managed services security provider in North America with the largest off-duty law enforcement network of over 40,000 officers. We have 12 office locations in the US and Canada, including three security operation centers in Virginia, Texas and Georgia.

Leadership Team

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