Multifamily Security

Protos’ Remote Video Guarding Protects Multifamily Properties

Protos is a leading provider of the latest cloud video surveillance technology and remote video guarding services in the country. By and large, our remote video surveillance experience is within the multifamily housing industry. Our powerful, yet user-friendly software along with a highly experienced remote video guarding team helps communities and businesses stay safe and secure.

Protos’ 24/7 remote guard security center is based in Atlanta, GA and our remote guard team provides around-the-clock monitoring of live cameras and motion events. They are trained on client-specific, real-time escalation procedures and post-event processing. Protos is the ideal long-term solution when it comes to managing multifamily properties. We can improve and manage your security program with our integrated solutions including cloud video management, remote video guarding, onsite security officers and off-duty law enforcement.

Cloud Surveillance Software and Remote Video Guarding

We understand that ensuring properties and tenants are safe is top of mind. We specialize in providing superior security services to ensure the safety of local communities. As Ryan Strange, Founder of Protos Remote Video Guard division (formerly ControlByNet) states, “It takes a special group of people to work in multifamily where the clients do not operate in an open or closed facility. We must make immediate decisions about people that come and go at all hours.”

Some benefits of our program include:

Remote Video Guarding

  • Ability to monitor many more cameras than other solutions
  • Intelligent software identifies motion events
  • Remote guard sees events as they occur – no blind spots
  • Immediate response for onsite police or security officers

Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Software

  • 24/7 access to live and archived video on all devices
  • Easiest interface on the web
  • Video storage in the could
  • Single, secure login for multiple properties

Customer Success in Our Communities

The goal of a community’s video surveillance software and/or remote video guarding is to deter or catch any unwanted activity so it can be dealt with accordingly, provide a mechanism to learn about the usage of the surveilled areas, and ultimately help manage a property with ease.

From garden-style apartment complexes to concierge-style high rises, we can work with you to create a customized security plan while staying within your budget. Our team will design a solution to ensure that your cameras are placed in the most efficient locations, maximizing your visibility. Our goal is to provide the most efficient design according to your community’s needs. The first step is generating a site survey to map out the locations of necessary cameras including direction and hardware placements. We work with our expert installers to ensure the correct placement of all existing and new cameras installed. The cameras then appear on our surveillance dashboard, and your site is monitored online 24/7/365. We provide adequate training to demonstrate our system and how to use it. Our team of experts can remotely guard as many cameras as you would like and can suggest which would maximize protection. From there, we partner with you for day-to-day support and maintain ongoing software updates.


But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve helped many multifamily clients improve their security programs.

A modern high-rise community in Atlanta, GA was looking to improve their security system and reduce crime throughout the complex. They converted their former system to Protos’ cloud-based video surveillance solution, which consists of a managed server onsite with key cameras dually recorded directly to the cloud. In addition, there are 60 cameras throughout the property, including hallways, garages and common areas. A viewing station is on a large LCD on the manager’s wall for instant site check-up. As the final level of security, the community utilized Protos’ experienced remote video guarding service offering for complete coverage across the property.

Our client support team assists with building evidence cases as needed to prosecute. The property previously experienced problems with car break-ins, unwanted visitors, package theft, illegal dumping, and they needed a better solution than scattered DVRs for managing the community.

“The ease of use of the system is something we never had in the DVR days of just buying a hardware device. Protos’ solution makes it so easy to actually manage the community, not just have a recording device in a closet and hope it’s operational when an event occurs. Problems have decreased by over 80% since the installation of the Protos solution. It has detected actions including package theft, car break-ins, and gate and pool damages. All individuals were identified and held responsible.”

Community Property Manager, High-rise community in Atlanta, GA

Our Experience and Association Involvement

We are proud, long-time members of the National Apartment Association (NAA) and National Multifamily Housing Association (NMHC), as well as several state associations as supplier partners. We value these associations and the property management companies that are involved in them as well.

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As a proven leader in the security industry for over two decades, you can trust our expertise. We make it easier than ever to secure your sites with our managed video surveillance software and remote video guarding solutions. These remote services can also be paired with onsite physical security officers or off-duty police.

The first step to building a high-performance security program is having the right partner. We’re here to partner with you to find the best solution to ensure your communities are safe.

Contact us today to learn more about our multifamily security solutions.