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Adam Sammons, Vice President of Compliance and Integrations

Protos is dedicated to supporting and encouraging ourAdam Sammons Headshot, Protos Security, Team Protos employees to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to offer our employees ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure they are the best they can be. Whether it’s someone’s first week or ten-year anniversary, we do everything we can to help our employees succeed.

Adam Sammons is just one example of the many inspiring success stories within our organization.

Adam has experienced tremendous growth throughout his career with Protos. He joined the company in 2013 shortly after graduating from Hampden-Sydney College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Commerce.

The idea of working for a quickly growing tech-based security company was interesting to him and was something he decided to pursue. His first role with Protos was within the operations department as a supervisor. Adam’s excitement and passion continued to grow working in operations. He held a variety of positions over the years, including National Account Manager and Director of Compliance and Monitoring, and currently serves as the Vice President of Compliance and Integrations.

After spending four years at Protos, Adam ended up accepting a new position and leaving the company, but not for long. He decided to come back after a year and a half because of the culture, room for growth and his relationship with the founders of Protos. They knew how valuable of an employee Adam was and stayed in touch even after he left.

“The founders, Chris and Patrick, really care about everyone and foster a great culture,” Adam said. “I’ve always enjoyed working with them as well as everyone else at Protos. It’s great seeing all the branches working together as a team. Everyone at Protos wants to ensure we’re taking care of our customers and providing the best service possible.”

Adam Sammons

VP of Compliance & Integrations

Eager to expand his skillset, Adam became interested in learning more about software development and wanted to pivot to a role that involved working with integrating different systems. He decided he was ready for a change from working in operations – and it was perfect timing as Protos’ Remote Monitoring Services department was expanding. Protos had recently acquired Off Duty Services at the time, a leading provider of off-duty police officers to the private sector nationwide.

Adam supported the transition from Off Duty Services’ hybrid model to the managed service model used by Protos. He helped integrate existing software with new technology to support both companies, a huge undertaking and one of his proudest professional achievements.

Currently serving as Protos’ Vice President of Compliance and Integrations, Adam’s role was crucial in establishing the Remote Monitoring Division. Making the switch to focus on integrations was a smooth transition thanks to the experience he had from working with systems on the operations side. Now, Adam focuses on software systems and process improvements. He works hard to ensure that all of Protos’ systems are being optimized.

During his career with Protos, Adam has become knowledgeable and well-versed in the security industry. He has worked with many different teams to become experienced in software systems and integrations, which has been one of his favorite parts of his career.

“I love a good challenge and learning how to figure things out by working as a team. Protos provides a lot of opportunities for employees wanting to learn more about new fields or skills, which is something that everyone should take advantage of.”

Adam Sammons

VP of Compliance & Integrations

Adam is one example of an employee who has grown both professionally and personally during his time with Protos. Stay tuned as we continue sharing stories about the success of our employees over the next few months.

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