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Doing the Basics Brilliantly

A good security program reduces business loss and promotes a safer environment. While many companies recognize that taking basic security measures is a necessity, they may not think about security measures that go beyond the basics – those that identify and proactively mitigate business risk and drive more efficient business performance. Best-in-class security reduces the time it takes for you to manage your security program, saves you money and improves your business financials.

Contractual Compliance

Compliance and oversight can embrace many different aspects and phases of contract security management. It is an important area of business performance that can increase efficiency, mitigate risks and support affordability.  While compliance monitoring is necessary, it is essential that there are processes in place which allow the necessary transparency and opportunity for change.

Protos Security has America’s largest network of screened and vetted security partners, with an expansive footprint in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. We can resource quickly to fill your request and place a well-trained, compliant security officer at your facility, who has been thoroughly vetted by our in-house contract management team.

With Protos:

  • Dedicated Compliance Department to ensure direct services and partner programs have and maintain all necessary licensing and insurance
  • Proactively audit strategic partners for active insurance, licenses and contract training records
  • Escalation plan to communicate gaps in document control

Post Orders

Post orders are your way of communicating with the security officer on duty at your site.  Therefore, it is essential that they are written with clear and accurate instructions, outlining duties, responsibilities and expectations to ensure the officer clearly understands the responsibilities and risks at your site. Additionally, weekly supervisor visits safeguard that written orders are always available, up-to-date, and clearly understood by the officers.

While written post orders are necessary at the site, our technology can deliver updates and targeted messages to security officers through the Protos clock-in system before each shift to ensure that they are well informed and engaged.

With Protos:

  • Post Orders delivered directly to officers via a digital, tracked system
  • Every work order includes post orders
  • Weekly Supervisor Visits

Policies & Training

Policies and procedures are an essential part of any organization. It is important to address pertinent issues and clearly define a sequence of steps to be followed in a consistent manner. This clearly defines acceptable behavior by employees and assists with the steady operation of any business. In order to enforce policies and procedures, training and communication are critical.

Protos’ state-of-the-art technology, multiple training and communication channels, frequent notifications help establish a confident, fully trained and engaged security officer.

With Protos:

  • Create, publish and maintain site policies and procedures that reflect both the site risks and brand/professionalism standards
  • Supplement basic training programs with e-learning training video and quizzes
  • Implement recurring measurement system to improve frontline proficiency in key skills
  • Remind officers of policies and behaviors each day as they clock in
  • Ensure officer professionalism fits the site’s brand and environment

Loss Prevention

Inventory shrinkage costs the retail industry alone are over $46.8B per year (Source: NRF).  But loss from theft is not specific to the retail industry, it happens across all industries through theft by employees, contractors and/or visitors.

Loss prevention programs must identify loss, risks, establish policies and practices to monitor and protect, as well as investigate irregularities in purchasing or inventory at sites. Environmental design also plays an important role in loss prevention. Ensuring security teams identify and report maintenance issues such as breached fences, broken windows and burned-out light bulbs, lowers the risk for theft and vandalism.

With Protos:

  • Monitor alarms, cameras, and the overall environment
  • Patrol with intent to identify loss prevention risks and recommend mitigation plans
  • Report all incidents at a location for proper documentation and to use as a reference tool in future loss prevention planning efforts

Access Control

Access control is an essential security component that enables a business to control who enters and exits a building or property at any point in time. It is critically important to the security, safety and health of those who work or spend time in a facility. The presence of well-trained security officers is a critical factor in preventing loss, keeping unauthorized people out of a facility, and helping safeguard tenants and the general public.

That means not just developing policies and procedures to ensure only authorized people enter your building and grounds, but ensuring they are up-to-date and enforced by professional, confident officers who properly reflect your company and brand.

With Protos:

  • Develop and proactively maintain access control policies and procedures
  • Regularly audit and re-assess permission assignment levels of authority for badge database
  • Identify sensitive/high-risk areas, and patrol these frequently and with intent

Security Operations

Is it enough to just have a security officer at your site – or are you looking for an officer that is on time, engaged, observing, and proactively looking to make your location as secure as possible?

Many security providers are content with just getting someone to your location, but Protos knows that’s not enough.  Your security officer is your first line of defense and needs to be an extension of your team.  Because we believe in doing more than the basics, we deliver a professional, quality officer to your location who understands all that he/she has to do and “patrols with intention.”

With Protos:

  • Online service ordering capability
  • 24/7 USA-based Dispatch Center
  • Ability to fill last-minute guard call-outs due to illness through a 4000+ vendor partner network
  • Accurate clock-in and clock-out system and overnight hourly officer check-ins to ensure officers are awake and alert at their posts
  • Passdown / shift-change transition communicated through clock-in system

Leadership & Accountability

“At the end of the day we are accountable to ourselves – our success is a result of what we do.” –Catherine Pulsifier

You expect professional, well-trained on-site guards. But, if you don’t have a reliable way to regularly communicate with them, important details can fall through the cracks. That is why Protos has developed an automated, proprietary delivery approach to quickly get new information and updates to officers, so they understand your expectations and potential issues. And, we follow up with quality assurance checks and supervisory visits to make sure it’s done right.

With Protos:

  • U.S. based Service Agent acts as single point of contact
  • Surprise Officer Supervisor visits ensure quality at each location
  • Active part of security team meetings and committees
  • Client portal that offers 24/7 data transparency through any device, so you can monitor your guard program anytime and anywhere
  • Predictive Analytics to pinpoint potential issues and address them before they become an issue


Security systems and security devices allow you to monitor more areas of your site without adding additional officers while reducing costs.
Effectively integrating a security system takes more than just installing security equipment. The right system should be designed based on an assessment of your operations and risks to determine the appropriate equipment and where in your facility it should be placed.

With Protos:

  • Customize a security officer and technology program for you to balance your security and budget requirements
  • Regularly test monitoring system and response protocols
  • Ensure system deficiencies are tracked and rectified
Protos security guard in concierge security guard attire

Is your security provider going beyond the basics?

A good security program promotes a safer environment and drives more efficient business performance. Best-in-class security reduces the time it takes for you manage your security program and can actually save you money while improving your business financials. This checklist will help you determine whether your security program is just doing the basics, or Doing the Basics with Brilliance to fully understand and manage your risk profile.

Download the Checklist