Vendor Application

Requirements to Join the Vendor Network

Protos has strict standards for which vendor applicants are accepted into the vendor network. In order to determine if you are able to meet the minimum requirements needed to join the Protos Vendor Network, please review the information below before applying.


New vendors must be licensed guarding companies (if operating in a state which regulates guarding companies). As the company of record, we are required to have your license information on file.

Insurance Policy Limits Required

As you obtain or renew the insurance policies listed above so that you can accept the type of work shown, Protos requires the following policy limits as mandatory minimum requirements. Note that the insured name on your insurance policies must match your company name as it appears on your W-9.

  • General and professional liability policies are usually written together. Protos requires that you carry both lines of coverage with policy limits at $1 million per occurrence, and $2 million in aggregate.
  • Assault and battery coverage is generally available as part of your General Liability policy. Speak with your broker to ensure that assault and battery is in fact included, and if so, at the same policy limits. If it is excluded from your GL policy, please speak with your broker to obtain either a separate policy, a rider, an excess policy, or an umbrella policy, that adds assault and battery to your coverage package – at the same $1 million per occurrence policy limits as your GL coverage.
  • Automobile liability coverage is only required for vendors who will utilize vehicles (including golf carts) at $1 million per occurrence.
  • Workers compensation coverage is typically available through a state-sponsored plan, or via individual insurance policy. If you intend to handle armed assignments of any duration, or long-term assignments of any kind, you must have a WC policy with a coverage limit of $500k. This is typically available either as a private policy from your broker, or via a state-sponsored WC plan.

Compliance Specialists will authenticate all insurance documents submitted to Protos by contacting your broker or carrier for verification.

Specific Insurance For Specific Work

As different types of assignments require different insurance policies, please use the chart below to identify the policy(ies) required to qualify for that category of work.

Insurance Requirement Chart

Emergency/Temporary – Unarmed X
Emergency/Temporary – Armed X X
Long Term or Permanent – Unarmed X X
Long Term or Permanent – Armed X X
Any Type Requiring a Vehicle X X
Other Requirements

Applying vendors must agree to perform pre-employment drug screenings and background checks, have a program for ongoing random drug testing, and agree NOT to subcontract security personnel from another company who may not be as diligent as we require.


Thank you for your interest in working with Protos Security! As client need, existing vendor capability and geographic density are always changing, we encourage all vendors who can meet the minimum requirements above to submit a Vendor Application.

  1. Please follow the prompts below and complete all required fields. When uploading copies of the required documents, please note the following examples for illustration purposes:
    • W-9 (or Canadian W8-BEN-E) – Example
    • Security license (if required by your state) – Example
    • A Certificate of Insurance evidencing coverage in accordance with Protos requirements – Example
  2. Once received, your application will be reviewed and your documents will be verified by a Protos Onboarding Specialist. If required, our Onboarding Specialist with reach out with any follow up questions – kindly take that call so that your onboarding continues without delay.
  3. If all requirements have been met and a partnership is advantageous to both parties, you will be sent a Protos Vendor Agreement for your signature.
  4. Once received, you will be assigned a Vendor Relations Manager who get you ready to start accepting assignments!
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