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Growth Story

Meghan Hall, Operations Coordinator

Meghan Hall headshotProtos is dedicated to supporting and encouraging our employees to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to offer our employees ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure they are the best they can be. Whether it’s someone’s first week or ten-year anniversary, we do everything we can to help our employees succeed.

Meghan Hall is just one example of the many inspiring success stories within our organization.

Meghan has been working at Protos for over six years. She joined the company as a Dispatcher right after she graduated high school. While in school, Meghan studied criminal justice and found it to be very interesting. She wanted to work for a company with a law enforcement atmosphere which is what drew her to Protos.

She has held a few different positions within Protos including Junior Client Account Manager, Operations Manager and most recently Operations Coordinator. The most significant promotion has been her most recent one. As a social and people person, Meghan was interested in working closely with Protos’ employees to build relationships. Originally, her first two positions were external, client-facing roles which she enjoyed, but realized that her passion lied within helping our employees be successful.

The Operations Coordinator position was a brand new role that Meghan was selected for. Working as an Operations Coordinator, she has had the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships with employees in the Daleville, VA office.

“I always want to ensure that everyone remains happy, feels comfortable and has all the right tools they need to succeed at work. I’m here to be the person they come to whenever they need anything – whether that be supplies, office-related matters or anything IT related.”

Meghan Hall

Operations Coordinator

In addition to her responsibilities, Meghan oversees the IT help desk and manages that department. The IT help desk exists to assist new or current employees in our Daleville office with getting new equipment or dealing with any internal technology matters. She also plans all the local office parties and events at the Daleville office. It’s safe to say that Meghan stays busy and is involved in many different areas of the business.

“My understanding of my career and work life have grown during my time with Protos. Working under my current team has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. I have also developed new skills in troubleshooting and IT over the past few years.”

Meghan Hall

Operations Coordinator

She is very proud of her involvement in building the help desk department and creating set processes for new employees. On day one, a new employee can walk in the door and start their journey with Protos off on the right foot thanks to the help desk. Meghan wants employees to feel like they can come to her, and the overall goal of the department is to let employees know that they have someone they can come to.

Despite her involvement in different departments, Meghan’s core responsibility is focusing on our employees. When she first started working with Protos, Meghan had the goal of wanting to improve employee morale, and she is so happy that her journey has come full circle. Even though Protos has quickly grown over the past few years, Meghan believes the culture is very accepting and diverse. She has built many great relationships with our team members and feels grateful that she has helped be part of their success.

“There are never two days that are alike for me. My schedule is very flexible and I can make my own pace, so whatever I do sets the tone for everyone else. I enjoy getting to make the atmosphere positive and happy to set others up for success.”

Meghan Hall

Operations Coordinator

Since joining the company as a Dispatcher six years ago, Meghan has found her niche while working at Protos. The fact that she is still excited to come to work every day and truly loves her career speaks volumes about our company and culture. We greatly appreciate Meghan’s hard work and contributions to our people and business over the years.

Stay tuned as we continue sharing stories about the success of our employees over the next few months. If you are interested in learning more about Protos and want to work with us, view our current job opportunities.