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Julian Austin, Dispatch Training Manager

Julian Austin headshotProtos is dedicated to supporting and encouraging our employees to grow both personally and professionally. We strive to offer our employees ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure they are the best they can be. Whether it’s someone’s first week or ten-year anniversary, we do everything we can to help our employees succeed.

Julian Austin is just one example of the many inspiring success stories within our organization.

Julian started working at Protos over seven years ago. He joined the dispatch team as a Support Specialist and has grown within the company over the years to his current role as Dispatch Training Manager based in Daleville, VA. While his previous experience was working in retail sales and fulfillment centers, he has always enjoyed mentoring others and helping them become the best version of themselves which is what brought him to Protos.

When he was first hired in dispatch operations, his main responsibilities were focused on taking security officer calls, QA calls and incident reporting. During this time, he learned a lot about decision-making, and how Protos operated as a company while gaining the skills required to take the next step in his career. Shortly after that, Julian was promoted to Supervisor where he oversaw the dispatch team, supervising day-to-day tasks. Protos was quickly growing, so when the opportunity opened to become a Dispatch Training Manager in August 2022, he gladly applied, accepted and ran with it.

“Training and coaching have always been a huge passion of mine. As a training manager, I spend a lot of time thinking of ways we can make Protos better. Whether it’s creating training surveys, tests or finding new ways to better understand areas our team might be struggling in, I strive to help improve all areas of our team and department. In my new role as a manager, I have more resources and time available to look at the big picture instead of focusing on the small details.”

Julian Austin

Dispatch Training Manager

Julian works with new employees who are in training to become a dispatcher. His training sessions are often run in a classroom learning environment where everyone works together to learn how to become successful. The Protos dispatch team is the eyes and ears of our organization, so training is the first step in setting them up for success. Julian trains new hires to be skilled in record keeping, customer service, communicating with emergency personnel and more. They must be equipped to handle anything that’s thrown at them and are critical to the success of our clients, which is why Julian takes managing their training program very seriously.

A big part of his role is understanding how to motivate people. One of his proudest achievements in his role is seeing people become more confident after going through his training courses.

“My favorite thing about working here is when someone comes up to me and tells me that I helped them get to where they are or after they realize that they did a great job. It’s also super rewarding to see employees who have gone through my training class that were more reserved or quiet become supervisors, managers or leads. That’s awesome to see. It makes me really proud to see those people take the little things I’ve instilled in them within the classroom and go on to do great things at Protos.”

Julian Austin

Dispatch Training Manager

Julian exemplifies the Protos culture with his welcoming personality, positive attitude and outstanding levels of customer service. He truly cares about those around him and is one example of an employee who has experienced tremendous growth during his time with Protos. Stay tuned as we continue sharing stories about the success of our employees over the next few months.

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