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Growth Story

Amanda Jenkins, Labs Test Lead

Protos is dedicated to supporting and encouraging our employees to grow both personally andAmanda Jenkins, Labs Test Lead of Protos headshot professionally. We strive to offer our employees ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure they are the best they can be. Whether it’s someone’s first week or ten-year anniversary, we do everything we can to help our employees succeed.

Amanda Jenkins is just one example of the many inspiring success stories within our organization.

She started her career with Protos as a Dispatcher in 2016. Amanda came to us with a background in education and the warehouse and logistics industry. A former Protos employee reached out to Amanda and encouraged her to join Protos because of the many opportunities it offered. She was excited to apply after learning more about the ability to grow her skill set and advance her career. And, being exposed to the security industry would allow Amanda to explore new areas of work while advancing her career. It was a win-win.

From working as a Dispatcher to Client Account Manager to currently a Labs Test Lead, it has been quite the journey for Amanda! After advancing in her career as a Dispatcher, she found an opportunity to grow internally, switching to a client-facing role as a Client Account Manager. (This role has more recently been renamed to Senior Service Agent.) She worked in that position for a few years. Eager to continue taking on more responsibilities, Amanda started seeking a new role. After a conversation with a long-time colleague, Amanda was encouraged to continue working at Protos because she was such a great asset to the team and had a lot of knowledge to share.

After a few internal discussions with department leaders, Amanda was transferred to the Protos Labs group and was offered a promotion as a Protos Labs Test Lead (her current role) which she gladly accepted! Amanda was proud to earn this role because of her hard work, dedication and self-driven personality. Amanda’s background with the company and tenure in working with many of our clients makes her an invaluable team member in Labs as she understands many aspects of our business.

“I love my new role. This is my dream job. I enjoy working with our software development team as well, they are great.”

Amanda Jenkins

Labs Test Lead

She understood the technical aspect of her new role because she worked with the same technology when she was a Dispatcher. Now, her main job duties focus on optimizing our innovative software and implementing efficient processes. She identifies bugs in our system and reduces the fix time by working directly with our in-house software developers to quickly resolve them. This is something Amanda really enjoyed doing in her previous role and was excited to pursue full-time.

When asked about how Protos stands out from the competition, her response was that we give our clients full control of their guard program. Our client portal shows full transparency of all data, being one of the only companies on the market to offer this. She also mentioned that the ability to grow internally within a company is rare these days and is grateful for the opportunities she worked for.

“The opportunity for growth is my favorite thing about working for Protos. We are growing so fast. The culture is amazing – my team and I set goals and work together to achieve them. Protos has a healthy and collaborative work environment with an emphasis on work-life balance.”

Amanda Jenkins

Labs Test Lead

Protos is a company that truly cares about its employees. Amanda has grown both personally and professionally during her time here. She is just one example of an employee who has had the chance to steer her career while building relationships along the way. We are excited to continue our employee success story series over the next few months.

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