Why Protos?

Security is More Important Now Than Ever

Using a network of over 4,000 security officer and off-duty police providers across the U.S. and Canada, Protos can staff your locations faster than the others. Through our digital innovation efforts, we are advancing the industry, offering more accountability and raising the bar for professionalism – giving you the confidence that comes from knowing your business is secure.

Why Protos? We’ve modernized the security guarding industry by providing a technology-backed program management model for all our clients. Whether your security need is to deter crime, improve customer service, provide a quick response time or create a safe business environment, Protos has a solution for you.

Protos Security has an unmatched 97% client retention rate
Customer Retention Rate

We take pride in turning our customers into repeat buyers by showing them a better way to manage their security program.

Protos Security is 4th in the security services industry
Largest Guard Provider

When considering our vendor network, Protos’ expansive reach positions us as the 4th largest physical security services provider in the U.S.

Protos serves over 19,000 client locations with security services
Service Locations

Protos covers more than 19,000 locations annually across multiple industries, staffing the posts with a variety of security officer solutions.

Protos Security has spent more than 11 million hours serving clients in 2021
Annual Service Hours

Protos provides more than 11 million annual hours of security services across the U.S. and Canada, capturing every minute in our proprietary software.

What Sets Us Apart

Security services provide physical and emotional assurance that your people and property are protected. And your provider of security officers and off duty police should be an extension of your team to build immediate and lasting peace of mind. Protos places the customer experience at the heart of what we do to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships. Regardless of the length of service or type of officer, all clients benefit from access to our client portal, providing the metrics that matter to you and the success of your security program most.


Protos’ Service Offerings

– Armed security guards
– Unarmed security guards
– Off-duty police
– Loss prevention agents
– Concierge security officers
– Patrol services
– Access control
– Marked patrol vehicles
– Security camera monitoring
– Security device services
Three security guards in different settings and uniforms including one on patrol, one using a radio and one in a lobby

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Who We Serve

What do Protos’ customers across all industries have in common? They find value and peace of mind in greater security program insights and refined invoicing. You can find us in:

– Financial Institutions
– Manufacturing
– Healthcare
– Construction
– Residential
– Warehouse/ Distribution
– Commercial Real Estate
– Higher Education
– Retail
– Environmental

Features You’ll Love

Protos Security Client Portal open on a laptop

Client Portal

With more than 1.5M clock in and clock out events logged annually, the Protos client portal provides real-time visibility into your security program’s performance while allowing for 100% accurate invoicing – down-to-the-minute. Additional advantages include reducing security program costs, capturing valuable data from the security officers and improving accountability of the officers – all while advancing the security industry through innovative technology.

The portal empowers clients to see their program’s health on a dashboard view or leverage the data history for trending and long-term analysis. Popular metrics include on-time clock ins, total assignments per day per location, seeing incident snapshots, reviewing recent QA checks and running on-demand reports such as actual hours worked versus projected hours. Protos’ clients also benefit from incident transcripts, audio recordings and vendor performance all stored within the client portal.

Client Portal Demo
Protos Security's dispatch center is staffed 24/7 with highly trained individuals

Dedicated Service Agent

All clients are assigned a Service Agent as their single point of contact. Service Agents are available for your day-to-day matters as well as routine service assessments to ensure you are receiving the best possible service. Additional support is added through a Strategic Account Manager (SAM), ensuring we are scaling to meet your needs as your security program grows. The SAM acts as a client advocate and offers strategic security program guidance.

These account team members are backed by our 24/7 dispatch and operations team, meaning assistance is always available. In addition to monitoring daily events, your Service Agent assists with billing and invoicing, ensuring post fulfillment, new service requests, changes to existing assignments, communicating client portal updates and enhancements, and generally having the health of your security program in mind.

Meet Team Protos
Protos Security Program Metrics showing graphs for punctuality, open posts, quality assurance scores, incident compliance, and security service requests

Quality Assurance

QA is a companywide priority at Protos which is evident through our customer service quality assurance checks and our ongoing software quality assurance.

To deliver the best customer experience, our QA Specialists perform location checks every 14 days to ensure proper service is provided at all locations. These results are shared with clients, vendors and Service Agents for evaluation. Over 9,600 QA surveys were performed in 2020 and many were followed by supervisor visits.

A dedicated QA division within the Protos Labs team tests the client portal software to ensure core functionality remains in place while new features are added. Clients submit feedback to our software and account teams which determines the priority of the new enhancements.

Protos Labs
Graphic displaying a network of connectivity across the United States to show Protos' nationwide security reach

Vendor Network

Through our network of over 4,000 security vendors, more than 11M service hours are tracked through our client portal annually. The extensive Protos network covers a variety of needs from emergency and temporary posts to long-term permanent security contracts. The vendor network’s diverse expertise and flexibility allows us to select the right guard company for your needs. It also allows our teams to staff your posts up or down as your needs change.

We have the industry’s largest network of screened and vetted security vendors combined with state-of-the-art technology and data analytics. Protos provides its vendor partners with weekly KPI reports showing them performance insights. Across all industries, our vendors’ security officers receive ongoing training allowing them to offer a wide variety of services from unarmed and armed guards to patrol vehicles and off duty police for an integrated security approach.

Protos’ Vendor Network