Security Guard Service That Puts You In Control

Effective Security Guard Service is more than crisp uniforms, marked vehicles, and shiny badges. It should take the burden of guard management off your shoulders and make your loss prevention program work for you. That means providing all the information and tools you need to meet your loss prevention goals, manage your budget effectively, and free your time to spend on other priorities. Because it’s not about our guards. It’s about your business.

Modern Security Guard Management

You expect professional, well-trained on-site guards. But, if you don’t have a reliable way to regularly communicate with them, important details can fall through the cracks. That’s why Protos has developed an automated, proprietary delivery approach to quickly get new information and updates to guards, so they understand your expectations and potential issues. And, we follow up with quality assurance checks and supervisory visits to make sure it’s done right.


Technology That Puts You In Control

Protos’ technology puts all the information you need to manage your security guard services in once place. That gives you real-time visibility into every step of the loss prevention process – from requesting guard services to reporting and invoicing – and surfaces potential issues before they become situations. You get improved transparency, accuracy and efficiency of your security guard program, giving you back time and budget to focus on other priorities.

An Extension Of Your Team

At Protos, we see our team as an extension of your business. We believe in our purpose to protect your people, your property and your brand. That’s why we take your business personally – and why we act with urgency and out-hustle our competition every day to show it.

Building the Right Program

We have the largest toolbox of guard management solutions and technologies in the business, as well as expertise in both direct guard and guard management services. So, we can adapt our approach to build solutions that make sense for you.


Control Your Guard Budget Like Never Before!

Great technology is just the beginning! Protos provides billing accuracy with the simplicity of a single invoice. With our proprietary time & attendance system, used for each and every shift billing is automatic and accurate down to the minute. The data capture also helps track your actual to projected budget and helps you determine actual guard needs at each location. 

If it’s Important To You, It’s Important To Us.

We’re always listening to your needs and suggestions, finding ways to solve security issues and risks quickly.
We’re always innovating in the security industry, helping set and raise the bar for training, service, and technology.
We’re always improving our services, using knowledge of industry trends and best practices to better serve our clients.

Seeing Is Believing

See Protos Technology in action.  Request a demo and understand how we can relieve the burden of managing your guard program.