Protos: Single Source Security Guards

Is managing a large remote guard program a never-ending hassle? Protos understands the challenges and responsibilities unique to the guard industry. Over the last decade we have built the largest guard network as well as the tools and technology to solve the problems once-and-for-all.

As your end-to-end guard provider, Protos delivers a number of benefits:

  • One point of contact for all service in the U.S., Canada, & Puerto Rico.
  • Electronic timekeeping and one simple invoice
  • 100% data transparency
  • Invoices based on actual time worked (not projected)
  • Better projections and budgeting based on reports
  • Frees up your time to work on other aspects of your job

Custom Data Pathways

We get it… In a large company, routing the right information to the right person can be a challenge. Our account managers work with you during the on boarding process to ensure managers, directors, and team members receive the exact information needed for maximum efficiency and communication.
Data Pathway Examples:

  • Store/site managers need tardy alerts
  • Regional/division directors need data and client portal access geographically separated.
  • VP of Loss Prevention needs complete budget data
  • Serious incident reports needed immediately by several levels and archived for lawyers
  • Protos also provides customized report specific to a client’s needs

Year Over Year Data

With Protos as your end-to-end guard provider, all guard data is unified under one platform. With our user generated reporting and policy of complete transparency, our clients are empowered to analyze and forecast. Working together we uncover savings, accurately measure performance, and plan for the long term.

Increased Liability Coverage

$10 Million

A national guard force will use security vendors of all sizes, and with that service comes liability protection of all sizes too. While the industry standard is $1 million in liability coverage, every Protos guard position is protected by $10 million in liability coverage. This umbrella protection further secures your company from legal issues that may arise from any situation involving a security officer.

The Industry Leading Team

All the great technology wouldn’t matter if we didn’t have the people to back it up. Every Protos client can rely on the strength of  Team Protos. In addition to the  Account Manager, who serves as your primary point of contact; every client and every guard posting is backed up by our 24/7/365 dispatch team. Powered by the best tools in the industry and more than 100 combined years of security guard management experience, Team Protos is here to serve you better than anyone else.

Abandon Mediocrity!

We believe when talented individuals come together, united by a single purpose the result is greater than all the parts. Abandon Mediocrity isn’t just a tagline to put on a brochure; it is at the core of each and every day fueling our relentless innovation and fanatical approach to customer service.