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Relentless Innovation

From the beginning, we have chosen not to be just another guard vendor.  We specialize in creating tools that unify and standardize the guard management process nationwide. We are a true partner to our clients providing quality service,  reliable cost savings, and valuable data for analysis.

A New Standard for Service

Protos Security provides permanent, temporary, and emergency guards throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Under our program, you get the stability and long-term benefits of working with one nationwide guard management company — while receiving the advantage of being modular (with over 2,000 Protos-Approved guard providers) — and the luxury of not being tied down to one single guard company.  It really is the best of both worlds.




Armed & Unarmed Service

All Protos Security guard vendors meet all state licensing and training standards for armed and unarmed security services. In addition, our vendors must meet our own high quality assurance standards. All armed officers undergo a background check, fingerprinting, and a psychological evaluation before being awarded an assignment. All armed security are dedicated professionals who are also required to have prior experience handling and maintaining weapons.

C-TPAT Support

Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) is a program created by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to ensure the safety and security of the international supply chain.  Securing the supply chain is essential to protect the United States from terrorists and terrorist weapons.

Protos manages the Access Control, Conveyance Report, Seal Inspection, and Trailer Inspection processes to ensure uniformity is maintained at each location and the validation process is held to the highest standard.

Protos Can Additionally Help…

  • Training
  • CBP Manditory Audits and Reports
  • Report Incidents and Perform Follow-up with CBP
  • Archival Process

Protos Client Portal App

Never before have LP managers had the ability to control their guard program from the palm of their hand. Our proprietary Protos technology has been seamlessly integrated with popular mobile platforms to provide an app that delivers information clarity. The app is provided as a free benefit to Protos clients.




Take a Tour of the Client Portal App

Client Portal App

Mobile Integration:

Placing a guard is only the start for Protos. Our system monitors every guard event and provides an unfiltered, truly transparent view into your guard program.


Rapid Communication:

We provide a platform for rapid communication of critical incidents and real-time data to flow through customized paths to all levels of your organization.

Total Program Savings:

Protos technology reduces billing inaccuracies and increases efficiency at many levels.  Our clients typically see a reduction of 5 -15% in total program costs.

Protos technology delivers accurate billing.

Accurate Timekeeping Saves Money

Protos has developed a unique telephone-based time and attendance system used by all of our 2000+ guard vendors. Every single guard shift begins and ends with a geolocated phone call or text message that verifies a guard is on-site.  As a result, we generate invoices from this verified data and bill our clients off the actual time worked, not projections.

Delivering More Than Guard Service

In addition to accurate billing, Protos technology provides efficiencies on multiple levels to reduce the total cost of your guard program. Our clients typically see a 5-15% reduction in the overall cost of their guard program.

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Protos invoices the actual minutes worked, not projections.

Protos Security is GREAT to work with. They have always delivered what they say they will deliver. When we call for a last-minute situation where we need service, they constantly communicate with us until the request is filled. Compared to our previous provider, they are great communicators and I have and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a very professional and caring guard company.

Sara Moccardine

NAS Customer Support Manager, Protection 1

Protos gives us a single point of contact for requesting security guard coverage in all of our stores, as well as the ability to communicate with the onsite officer. We can also follow up using various reporting tools, which greatly enhances our ability to manage and be informed of our guard activity. They have truly found a way to add value to an age-old solution.

Andrew Barborak

CFI, Senior Manager of Loss Prevention, Gander Mountain

Protos Security is the only guard company I have worked and partnered with where I am constantly receiving compliments on the level of service they provide. The technology they bring to the table is unmatched within the industry as it relates to reports and time and attendance. We have experienced a 5% savings in our budget because of the accuracy of time worked being properly billed and reported.

Terry Hoal

Loss Prevention Manager of Distribution, Delhaize America


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