Single Source… Complete Coverage

Protos Security manages your entire security officer program as one unified platform. Spanning the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico we combine our own direct officers with the power of our extended network of 4000+ vetted strategic partners. Protos’ unique system delivers a seamless experience that ensures each post is properly staffed and accurately tracked. 

A Customized Program

Protos will build your security program to create the perfect fit. Whether you want to see the nuts and bolts of your security program or simply leave it on automatic pilot, Protos has the tools for a customized experience. Working with your dedicated Client Account Manager, Protos simplifies the oversight that comes with a large security program and keeps you in the driver’s seat.

Accuracy & Control

Invoicing,  Scheduling,  &  Budget

An effective security program shouldn’t come with surprises. Our platform delivers accurate timekeeping and invoicing down to the minute. Protos’ work order pipeline conforms to your budget needs and ensures officer scheduling is accurate and reliable.

Complete Transparency

Seeing is believing and knowledge is power. All the information generated by the officers and our system is instantly available to you.  By operating exclusively in an environment of full transparency we gain accountability at every level and deliver the service you expect.

Curious to see what data we deliver?    Check out Protos’ purpose-built technology.   

Team Protos Is Always Ready

Overseeing a large security program doesn’t have to be a burden.  The Protos Operations Center is always watching and ready to respond.

 Make Security The

Easiest Part of Your Job

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