When we talk to new clients, their main interest is that they are searching for a new way to manage security guards.  The dominant “pain point” is that they don’t receive adequate or timely information from the guards.  At Protos, we view the guard as the source of another data point that allows you to better evaluate and manage your company. We are quick to point out our real-time information from the officers on duty, but we provide much more than that.

Weekly Punch Reports:

No longer will time be wasted picking up paper time sheets.  Each Tuesday at 5PM EST, our clients receive electronically generated timesheets via email for each and every location for all permanent, temporary or emergency services. These reports can be used to supplement the invoice as a back-up resource. Key performance indicators such as late clock-ins and missing clock-outs are also present in this report.


Weekly Incident Report Recap:

Protos immediately dispatches every individual incident report as they occur, but our clients like to receive a weekly report that represents a comprehensive list of all incidents that occurred from the week before. In addition all data concerning incidents is saved to allow deeper analysis to find trends, and even where guard service may no longer be needed.