Guard Program Technology That Puts You In Control


Protos’ proprietary technology captures real-time accurate data of all aspects of your guard program from timekeeping to incident reporting and more. Protos Security delivers improved transparency, accuracy and efficiency of your security guard program, giving you back time and budget to focus on other priorities.


Protos Client Portal

In the office or on the go, all your information is at a glance and up to date allowing you to monitor and understand your guard program’s performance.

Request Guards Online

Protos clients enjoy the convenience of requesting guard services online. All submissions are handled by our 24/7 dispatch team. 

Data Integrations

Protos technology interfaces with software  management tools, allowing for access of all your data in one central location. 

Budget Tracking

We understand tracking your budget is just as important as tracking your security guards. Allow Protos to manage your entire program and keep your budget in line.


A large security program is only effective when everyone is informed.  Protos technology works to deliver the right actionable information to everyone on your team.

Custom Reporting

What gets measured gets managed! With 24/7 access to your guard data easily obtain in depth information and insight into your guard program.


A Complete Solution 

Technology alone will never replace the human dynamics of managing a security guard program.  With Protos you receive state-of-the-art technology along with excellent customer service from a dedicated team. 


Seeing Is Believing

See Protos Technology in action.  Request a demo and understand how we can relieve the burden of managing your guard program.