Protos Entrepreneur Spotlight

The Protos team has plenty to celebrate today with four exceptional founders. Two pairs of friends started two competing businesses that joined forces last year. Their combined knowledge – and cumulative 85 years of security experience – has led Protos to become a security industry leader with a network of 4,000+ security vendors.

  • 1996: Robert Bond and Joseph Malone Sr. founded Honor Guard, a direct guard company
  • 1999: The pair launched Security Resources as a nationwide managed service security company
  • 2006: Chris Copenhaver and Patrick Henderson founded Protos Security to advance the industry through technology
  • 2019: Security Resources became a Protos company, helping to position the company as a leader in managed, monitored and direct guarding

Protos began with a simple statement: “There is a better way.” Through the leadership of these four entrepreneurs, the team has kept that spirit alive and is always seeking ways to improve processes, services and relationships. As the Protos team continues to grow to support the expanded service and technology offerings, the original entrepreneurial spirit will be a reflection point so Protos continues to drive innovation and remain uniquely positioned in the industry.

About Our Entrepreneurs

Chris Copenhaver, Protos Cofounder: 
Chris is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a BA in Economics and Business. His prior experience includes providing key information to high level decision makers in the technology and land building development industries. Learn more about Chris.

Patrick Henderson, Protos Cofounder: 
Patrick is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a BS in Civil Engineering. After working in civil engineering, he shifted into information technology and began seeking ways to innovate and improve on the service industry. Learn more about Patrick.

Joseph Malone Sr., Honor Guard & Security Resources Cofounder:
Joseph holds a BS in Accounting from Seton Hall University along with an MBA from Fairleigh Dickenson University and has been in the security industry since 1996. Prior to that, he owned and managed a Certified Public Accounting firm as well as several businesses and real estate ventures. Learn more about Joseph.

Robert Bond, Honor Guard & Security Resources Cofounder: 
Robert holds a BS from the University of Delaware and has been in the security and investigative industry since 1987. He is a renowned, licensed private investigator in over twenty-five different states. Learn more about Robert.

Continuing the Protos Mission

Last year Southfield Capital made a strategic investment in the security space with the acquisition of both companies. Nathaniel Shaw was recently brought in as CEO of the combined company. “I’m thrilled to partner with Southfield Capital and the founders of Protos and SRI in continuing their momentum as a security industry disrupter. The creative entrepreneurship of Chris, Patrick, Joe and Bob lives on in the fabric of Protos as we continue to lead the industry in innovation,” said Nathaniel.