The responsive Client Portal, a proprietary security guard management system developed by Protos Security, has everything an LP Professional and his/her team needs to manage their Security Guard Program.  With the Protos Client portal not only do you have access to a real-time status map of security guards throughout the country, you are also able to order security guard services for a location, check on emergency and temporary assignments, access vital reports instantly and much more.

What makes the Client Portal even more revolutionary is that the LP professional and his/her team can access thesame functionality and information no matter the device that they are utilizing.  Whether it be a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. This means that if you are in a meeting and need important guard budget information you can access it from your phone.  Or if you are home and there is an emergency and you need a security guard at a location, just order it through your phone, like you would your pizza or Uber driver.

The client portal (only offered by Protos Security) saves the Loss Prevention Professional time.  On many occasions, Kris Vece the Director of Client Relations has heard from her clients that by utilizing Protos Security and the Client Portal they have gained back hours in their day.

In the coming weeks we will feature the different functionalities of the Client Portal and how it saves you and your team time, energy and frustration.