Protos Spreads Optimism and Provides LPQ/LPC Scholarships through #PauseWithProtos

In 2020, the need to react quickly has taken priority. At this point, nearly every industry has been impacted on some level and many plans – both professional and personal – have changed. A new year on the horizon doesn’t mean our challenges are over, but we have reasons to be more optimistic. The Protos team is inviting everyone to take a moment to pause. Use #PauseWithProtos to share what you’re thankful for or excited about on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

In addition to helping spread positivity on channels that have been bogged down lately with negative headlines, Protos would like to spread some joy by sponsoring up to 5 scholarships for the Loss Prevention Foundation’s LPQ and/or LPC course.

How Do I Get a Chance To Be Sponsored?

For a chance to be sponsored with one of these career advancing certifications (LPC/LPQ), use #PauseWithProtos and share what you’re excited about or thankful for on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn between November 18 and December 20.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is LPQualified (LPQ)? LPQ is a certification that canvases Loss Prevention practices, core competencies and foundational tools for many people interested in Loss Prevention careers.
  • What is LPCertified (LPC)? LPC is an advanced certification for experienced Loss Prevention and asset protection professionals that integrates the business of Loss Prevention into retail profit center practices and logistics.
  • Not sure if you qualify for an LPQ or LPC? Or not sure which one is right for you? Visit the Loss Prevention Foundation’s LPC vs LPQ page to learn more.
  • How many scholarships are available? Protos will be giving up to 5 scholarships.
  • What is the Loss Prevention Foundation (LPF)? LPF is a non-profit organization with the goal of educating and certifying retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection professionals. Protos is one of LPF’s doctorate level partners.
  • How can I participate in #PauseWithProtos? Anyone can participate by posting publicly on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using #PauseWithProtos while sharing what you are thankful for or excited about.
  • Can anyone participate? Yes, anyone who posts using #PauseWithProtos will have the opportunity to receive an LPQ/LPC scholarship. This includes anyone with a current relationship to Protos (such as employees, clients and vendors) as well as those who have never interacted with Protos before. Prior interaction and/or relationship with Protos does not increase chances of being selected.
  • Do I have to be a Loss Prevention professional to participate? You do not have to be in the Loss Prevention field and/or interested in an LPQ/LPC scholarship to participate. All you need is an interest in sharing some positivity on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.
  • How can I increase my chances of being chosen for one of the LPQ or LPC scholarships? Public posts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn using #PauseWithProtos are more likely to be chosen if they have high engagement rates (such as likes, shares, comments, etc.) and are relevant to the themes of thankfulness or excitement.


Those chosen for an LPQ/LPC course scholarship will be notified by a Protos team member on or after December 22.

I’m #grateful for starting a new job this year and having this opportunity to spread some positive messages in a time when headlines are increasingly negative. #pausewithprotos

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I’m grateful for my family, my health, my friends and my job, also. …And chocolate! Gotta have chocolate! #pausewithprotos

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This time of social distance has reminded me of the value of my connection to friends, family, and colleagues. I’m #thankful that we have video chat options and #excited to see everyone in person again – hopefully sometime soon! 


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I’m #grateful to be in an industry that has continued evolving and innovating, even during this difficult year. I’ve been so impressed by my colleagues and the #LossPrevention industry as a whole as we’ve all stepped up to meet so many new challenges. #pausewithprotos