Retail Parking Security Webinar

Webinar: The Evolving Landscape of Retail Parking Security

The retail business is about people. That’s why the safety of customers and employees is the top priority for retailers. This webinar on retail parking security covers essential topics for many different types of retailers.

Protos VP of Strategic Accounts Kris Vece, LPQ and LiveView Technologies CEO Ryan Porter discuss some of the challenges that retail organizations face with securing their parking lots and how your organization can be better prepared.

Employees are unfortunately frequent targets for criminals because they often enter and exit the store when it is dark and fewer people are around. Plus, people don’t want to shop where their personal safety is threatened. It is the same with employees—no one wants to work in a place they’re afraid to go. Increased safety attracts customers and employees. The safer the location, the better business will be.

With the increase in foot traffic, retailers face increased theft and vandalism. Whether it’s shoplifting from inside the store or stealing the skirt front items, theft costs billions of dollars annually. Likewise, vandalism plagues retailers. Cars, other property in the parking lot, and the outside of the store are easy targets for vandals.

LiveView Technologies creates tools to help them manage their properties and increase safety. These include increasing safety for employees and customers and reducing incidents of theft and vandalism.

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