Protos Security has been in the business of overhauling security guard programs since 2006. Over the years, our prospective clients have asked us many questions, but one more than any other; “How can you take over the management of my guard program, and save me money at the same time?” Below are five ways that Protos Security saves you money.

1. Your time is valuable. You should keep more of it!

We at Protos recognize how much of your time is spent resolving guard issues. Whether it be connecting guard vendors to your store manager or handling last minute or late night emergencies. By using our client portal web app, backed by our 24/7/365 Protos Security Dispatch Team, requesting guard service is as easy as ordering a pizza.

Factor in that Protos handles all invoicing related to Guard services, it is not uncommon for our clients to regain several hours or even days each month simply by not needing to deal with the day-to-day burdens of their guard program.

2. No Punch, No Pay!

In an industry that historically has billed on projections, Protos bills down to the minute. By doing this, Protos not only provides accountability but also dramatically improves guard performance. Yes, in a perfect world a guard would never show up late for work, but with Protos you will be informed of the tardiness (in real time) along with the steps our dispatch team has taken toward resolving the issue AND you will not pay for the guard’s missed time, thereby saving you money.

3. Never forget to end a temp assignment.
Whether it be a store renovation that wrapped up a day early, or rain that dampened the need for an extended firewatch, it is easy to forget to cancel a temporary guard assignment. Protos places all of your guard schedules in one place and sends you daily email reminders of your upcoming temporary assignments allowing you time to cancel any unnecessary coverage.

4. Bulk Pricing

In many cases, Protos is the single largest purchasers of guard services in a given area. That coupled with industry expertise we are able to secure fair-market pricing, and hold the line to protect your budget.

5. Reporting and Budgeting 
Protos Security clients are better able to evaluate where they are spending their guard dollars and prepare more accurate budgets.

Protos Security was founded to bring order to your guard programs through the use of smart tools and fanatical customer service. Our people, combined with the best guard management tools results in security guard services that can save you valuable time and money as well as provide useful insight into your guard program.